Friday, September 09, 2005

The Ex-files (contd.)

I love D. I love the way he chortles fruitily into the phone, about his deficiencies, and mine. There's something delightfully boyish and unassuming about him that makes me want to draw him to my bosom and coo maternally. Like a Mother Hen. His impish smile, and that wicked twinkle in his slightly Chinese eyes can be quite disarming. Oh, and arms. Nothing juvenile about 'em, they're truck-driver arms - big and manly, well almost. [Rainbeau Peep suddenly feels like she's attempting a Mills & Boon, which is turning out more situation comedic than anything else. She is right now sighing languorously.]
You wouldn't want to write poetry about him, not very good poetry, at any rate. But that innate strength of character, that sense of responsibility, that exasperating rationality - these were things that endeared me to him. Still do. He'd been a best friend to me, and it's a tragic loss that we don't share as many laughs as we used to. I love him to death. He loves me too, but with hardly an iota of the same intensity, which is why we broke up. His obsession is with clearing the CAT exams, getting through a stellar institute and making potloads of money. I'm too young to compromise and play second fiddle to a 3-section test. But we had good times, he would laugh at my jokes and call me fat and manage to make it sound like it was a compliment. I miss you, D. You showed me sanity.
D's the sort you can't weep copious tears over. You sigh and wish for a man like him, only, one who sees a goddess in you and whisks you away to a chateau in Switzerland to make animal love to you by the fireside, next to the french window overlooking the Alps. Afterwards, you eat a whole lot of Lindt, in every possible variety. But no, my point is, the man is to be exactly like D, with passion and less excruciating talk about the joys of calculus-solving.
I'm not sure why I'm making this entry, we talk everyday - about mundane things, he makes courtesy calls to me, I think he checks on me to see whether i'm a lunatic yet. But today we spoke more than once, and for a longer time, and we actually laughed like old times, and I didn't once feel bitter. So, thanx D, you made my day. :-]


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