Sunday, September 04, 2005

Full Thro(a)ttle

Frightfully sick. In terms of, hanging between life and death. Being sick in my area, at this point of time, means dengue, but i don't have very high fever. I can't speak, throat's gone, i can barely breathe, so probably have throat cancer too. Excruciating headache completes the picture, and while prodding about on my scalp, in an effort to give me some comfort, my mother discovered that I have a slight swelling at the back of my head. So of course, I'm not ruling out brain tumour. My mother thinks putting me in a flimsy nighty and having the air-conditioner on at full volume is the way to cure me. I think she's trying to kill me. All in all, if I'm unable to write another blog entry, don't be surprised.

p.s.: None of you are getting anything I own.

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