Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Home, sick

Decided to extend my sick leave. I'm staying in today, it's too oppressively sunny for my poor aching head. If I have fever tonight, it will be a sure sign that I'm dying of dengue, so I wait in anxious anticipation. Friends have gone over to Keith's place - his mom makes the most fabulous pork vindaloo. I'm going to have to give that a miss, though.
My body is a placid sea-blue in colour. Mother shrieked a lot in the morning about it. For a minute there, I thought I have some very exotic illness and I have to say I was a little pleased with my astounding potential for disease. As it turns out, if you ever need to buy a nighty, keep away from the Gariahat footpath stalls.
I've been harbouring a lunatic desire to visit Istanbul. And Athens. A few idle hours, and I'm sure I can come up with more. I want to lose myself in the gardens of old Byzantine palaces, down narrow alleys and bylanes, in the mazes of the Acropolis. I want to have turkish coffee, and mousakka, want to shop for carpets and read about Greek mythology.
The fever makes me a little delirious.
I need to take a shower.
Just heard this morning that a short film that I'd acted in is an entrant at the Berlin International Film Festival this year. There's even a screening at Nandan this evening. I feel elated, only wish I'd tried harder. It's a film about hypocrisy in the corporate world and all that. Very recondite. My character was called Chief Bitch, she's an office superior who is bossed around by the CEO and takes it out on the poor hero, who is a rebel, as my director insisted. Personally, I think he was an idler. My role was to wear a crisp saree and look menacing. It was complicated, but I pulled it off with elan, or so I have willed myself to believe. The important point is- this puts me in the league of such distinguished women achievers of international acclaim as Ms. Rai and Ms. Sherawat. Aren't you sorry my profile doesn't have a photograph? For all you know I might look like Monica Belluci.
[There are reasons why my profile doesn't have a photograph. Grave, grave reasons. The same reasons why I was chosen for the part of corpo-vamp. The very reasons why I let out startled gasps when I accidentally catch a reflection of myself in the mirror on certain half moon midnights.]

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