Thursday, September 22, 2005

O Sheeet, I Minz To Say

Macabre Discoveries Of The Day:-

1. Bathroom sink clogged. Have to wash mouth in the shower. Consequently, getting drenched every time.
2. Faerie Queene doesn't really contain as much pornography as imagined. Hence, bloody boring. Test in less than 12 hours. Fuckit.
3. D's birthday in a week. Don't know what to get him yet. Don't know if I should personally give him gift, or courier it, since we're both oh-so busy. Meeting him would mean having to get arms waxed. Bad idea, severe financial crunch.
4. Have crow's feet. At age 22. Must remember NOT to laugh coquettishly in presence of eligible bachelors- ever again. May never GET an eligible bachelor, now that I'm fat AND grim. [will not entertain comments from WOMEN claiming I am "hot babe" and not fatso. girls, i love you all, but beyond the platonic, you do nothing for me.]
5. Have loose motion. Again. Must be stress-potty. This intellectual mediocrity is bad for my bowels.
6. Can't study for test. Have tried. Impossible. Shakespeare's homo-eroticism gives me tummy ache.


Teleute said...

potty or no-potty, you are Hot Babe. especially shower-drenched. and what if WOMEN don't do anything for you? think about all that YOU do for them :D

rainbeau_peep said...

Uhm .. Tele .. grow a penis, will u? We might have something here.

babelfish said...

why is it that pre-exam tension gets us crapping and blogging...once the tests are over and you got all the time in the world, what happens?

Teleute said...

uh-hmm. i shall have to think about that one.

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

Shakespeare's homo-eroticism.
It's just plain frikin gay.
me enjoying this blog bhery much :)