Saturday, October 15, 2005

Coinage & Acquisition

Conversation with a friend went like this :-

Friend: I think it adds a certain zing to the flavour, don't you?
I: Really? Would you say that? I thought it was more of a tang.
F(vehemently tut-tutting): Oh NO! It was more than a tang for sure! My vote lies with zing.
I(cold): I don't agree.

{stolid, uncomfortable silence}

F(conciliatory): Well, maybe a certain zang?
I(not the one to give up): A ting, then?
F(outraged): A TING? There's no TING?!?! Noone ever heard of a TINGY taste!!!

.... and the argument continues, as they say in that toffee advt.
We were discussing the benefits of adding juice of a slice of lemon to grilled fish, before putting it in the oven.
Really, with this level of intellect, I'm surprised I don't get lost in my own room, or drown myself in the shower or somesuch. Moreover, all this, when neither of the two of us can cook.

In other news, don't you love it when relatives from bilet come visiting? I do, it means that I'm either getting a lot of chocolate, or a lot of shampoo, OR a lot of expensive gifts. This time I got a sexy Gucci watch and a lovely, delicate sterling silver pendant from Tiffany's [entirely lost on my bullneck]. I am therefore, elite for the day! [That is, before my Mother whacks both gifts from my closet and insists she's only 'borrowing', which is absolute crap because thereafter I get smouldering glares everytime I express meek claims to ownership of said articles.]


Black Jedi said...


Your blog isnt bad. In fact, I quite like. And yes, there is little you can teach me about modesty......

I shall drop in more, rest assured...

rainbeau_peep said...

BJ - May the force be with you and awl that.
Thank you for being polite and visiting :-]

Black Jedi said...

the pleasure, RB, is all mine,.......