Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pujo'r Shubhechha Shokolke

This is Shoshti. And I have jwor. And tummy cramps. I have the chums. I am sitting at home, when I should have been out touring Ballygunge Cultural, Samaj Sebi, Shib Mondir and Mudiali. Or binge-drinking.
Instead, I am reading The Da Vinci Code. I am enjoying it, though. I am reading my blog, where lovely comments have been left by pretty people. I am eating every 15 minutes - whoever said anything about starving fevers was an anorexic supermodel, [later caught doping]. or sumsuch.
My father is home too. He's moping about, having lost his red-gemstone ring which was given to him by his mother when he was 11. He claims to have been wearing it ever since, which would mean that my father has had stubby, hairy fingers from the time he was a pre-teen. He's slouching all over the house looking ill and is intermittently muttering to himself things like, "The umbilical cord has been cut." I've tried telling him maybe the ring had served it's time, and he should let go now, but he's inconsolable. He wasn't very attached to my grandmother ever, so this is very strange to me. He hasn't been anywhere near Tolkien, so it can't be influence. All this is very worrying.
On the brighter side, tomorrow is a good day. Pandals in the morning, Olypub in the afternoon, thakur and big dinner in the evening, and spending the night at Squee's with the Starlet and the Starry-eyed. Booze n jay. With Bosepukur nearby.
Have a good Pujo, everyone! :-]

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