Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Pishi came. I made bhaat for her. I almost ruined it, but not quite. Pishi ate in silence. Pishi gave me Rs.1000 for efforts and for Pujo. The domestic politics that goes on between my mother and pishi [paternal aunt] is pathetic, and amusing. Both scourge the city to find the ugliest saris to gift each other. Pishi is quite considerably dark - Ma gifts her a sari in light-but-bright blue ["tuutey rong"]. Ma wears crepes or salwars when she's not bursting at the seams in MY clothes- Pishi gives her a brown sari with yellow border. Different colours of crap, looks like it was dyed in the toilet. Pishi come. Pishi go.
Went to college to bunk classes, in honour of J's leaving for the jungle. She's on the train now. Near Jalpaiguri is her lair. We shall all miss J during Pujo, like we have been doing all these years. Complacent Bitch.
Got on a crammed BUS. Tried to do the trapeze act for a while. Nice Man Sitting took pity and offered to hold on to my bag while I still performed. I politely declined. NMS then offered me a seat next to him on the "Jyants sit" once one was available. I sat, grateful. Nice man stared at my breasts and kept at it. Nice man commenced playing scales on my thighs and proceeded to play footsie with my floaters.
Came home and had half a kilo of mishti doi.


Teleute said...

could you not stomp NMS with floaters?

babelfish said...

stomp stomp...also see comment on previous post...hint hint

rainbeau_peep said...

yes, but i didn't.

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

: O
Rs. 1000
i barely get Rs. 500 during pujos :S

btw slapping NMS's are really fun.
you should try it once.

rainbeau_peep said...

unjustified insanity - do U make gobindobhog chaal er bhaat? do u, now, eh?
as for the slapping, uhm. hmm. [gutless. that's me. let this be our little secret.]