Monday, November 07, 2005

The Diet - Day 1

Breakfast @ 8:30: 8 pieces of luchi with alu'r chechki, 1 kalakand, 1 cup of coffee with Sugar Free.

Brunch @ 11:00: 1 salami n cheese samwich.

Tea @ 16:00: Squee's tiffin, which is awlways substantial.

Dinner @ 19:00: At Nafeel's, opposite Zeeshan on Park Circus. For those who are yet to convert, it's a small, squalid eatery bang opposite the Park Circus tram depot. The food is very good, the service, fast and friendly. Men may smoke, if they've run out, they may send a waiter for cigarettes. Women may gape, or, if they're slim enough, may attempt going under the table for a puff. This involves tedious acrobatics, not advisable for women over 63 [kilos]. 1 plate mutton biriyani, 1 plate handi kabab, 1 plate beef bhuna, 1 paratha, 1 cola dwink. Cost of extravagance and over-eating - under Rs.50. Oh oh, firni bought from Zeeshan, for the taxi ride back to college.

I'm doing well, ain't I? :-[


Teleute said...

better than me, at this moment :D
am droooooooling...

Black Jedi said...

RB sweets, where have you been? ("last few days", NOT "all my life")

And yes, I love food too. gourmand, isnt that the word?

Telly, please put your old pic back. That one had a wistful innocence that this one lacks. This almost could be your grandmom.

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

how can u stand such TORTURE?????????

"Brunch @ 11:00: 1 salami n cheese samwich."
: O
*stares blankly*

(btw ur treating me at next blogmeet for making me drool :)

rainbeau_peep said...

Utey - at ANY given moment, ur better than me. i've seen ur waist.

BJ - i've been conscientiously ignoring u. :-]

Kucho - Ok, u'll get 1 digestive biscuit. After a sound thrashing, that is.

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

@ rainboo\ --
but why?
i wouldn't have asked for the pics if you weren't so DAMN HAUT ;)

(@ digestive bisc.. we shall see :)