Thursday, November 10, 2005

Of Opportunities Missed

Spotted the penultimate ex, Daddy's Lil Rich Kid, driving a sleek new metallic silver Skoda Octavia, while speaking on his Nokia Communicator, and adjusting the deck of his Pioneer Car CD woddeva thing.
Woe is me! If I'd held on, I might have been dripping pearls and pregnancy today, and not weeping over a term paper that goddammit i don't wanna write!
Instead, I almost slipped off the bus, taught my chhana, who once again insisted on not learning, came back home and read D's SOP, which is about the only mail I've got from him in the last 6 months.



Bone said...

ish. lol... talk about grasses on other sides of rivers.

jaded said...

at least you got one mail from him...unlike some others.

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

man what multitasking
puts windows to shame :(

Rimi said...

you let go of a kid that rich??? woman, we'll be proud of you yet! :D

and yes, can i please join the have -paper -due -in -2 -weeks -haven't- a- freaking- clue club too?

babelfish said...

rainbeau at the cost of sounding like the little 'ute may I say I luuuurbh you...also the good squee and the lovely J and just about everyone who didn't submit their term papers today :D

rimi, hush for a second girl...this isn't the term-papers-due-in-two-weeks-moaning club, this is the damn-my-term-paper-was-due-yesterday and-I-haven't-started-writing-yet club!!!

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...


At Park street Barista

On 20th

3:30 PM

be there

Bee said...

sad....but did ure ex bombard you with pics of sexy new spanish girlfriend?did he?DID HE??!!
actually,if we were still together,i would ACTUALLY be pregnant.stupid serial knocker believe me,there are small mercies.think of having to breast feed the brat at some unholy hour in the wee dawn.

Dee said...

"I might have been dripping pearls and pregnancy today"

You forgot- getting bf to pay someone to write the term paper for you. ;)

rainbeau_peep said...

Yes, where the pavements are paved with gold etc

Well darling, if it makes you feel any better, he's even stopped calling it appears.

There's a trick for you to master, then!

I did, he made me listen to Bailamos 13 times a day. Such warped forms of abuse - I freaked.
And that's not the club at all. This is the elite term-paper-was-due-LAST-monday club.

And look, I still haven't submitted; the things I will do for a bit of luuurbh.

Uhm .. the 20th is an important day.

Aah, my dear, that's why one should keep their standards low. I rest content in the assurance that NONE of my exes are capable of getting themselves a Spanish hotchick. [Mine .. uhm .. shoot people on legs ... visit police stations frequently on charges of extortion .. etc. Not D, though]
And breastfeeding doesn't involve Greek myths and ancient philosophy and bloody B.C. history, does it?

Sure, you just Had to rub it in, didn't u?

isildur said...

you're being too tough on him

go tuhin

rainbeau_peep said...


isildur said...

man won't i evr escape the mortification and drudgery of oh-so- affectionate females calling me sweety

i've been taking this for five bloody years for fucks sake

isildur said...

but since people who call me sweety hav been passin out < of JU, ie > with alarming regularity

and my own time is nigh

its alright
in fact its a gas

rainbeau_peep said...

Come tell us true. U secretly lurrrv it, dontcha?! *wink wink*