Saturday, November 26, 2005

Seven Against Me

I was tagged by Teleute

seven things i plan to do
[] Come out of an exam hall yelling,"I finished! I finished!" instead of yelping,"I'm finished! I'm finished!"
[] Figure out what the hell it is I want to do with my life.
[] Travel to Istanbul and find mad love bang outside the Hagia Sofia.
[] Have a child - somehow, anyhow. {The state of my sex life points quite definitively towards adoption}
[] Lose weight.
[] Get a lower back tattoo. {subject to my losing weight}
[] Spend at least an hour every day NOT thinking about D.

seven things i can't do
[] Tell D how I feel.
[] Give up sweets and chocolates. Or even cut down. :-[
[] See a snake or a picture of a snake and not feel cold and nauseous or have a nightmare.
[] Sew anything more complicated than a button on a shirt.
[] Sing.
[] Run in heels. Or run at all. {Last time I tried, I ended up in bed with 9 stitches, so there}
[] Pretend to be polite around people and conversations I don't give a damn about.

seven things i say quite often
[] " Meow! :-["
[] "That is true but!"
[] "I, hungwie."
[] "Holy fucking shit! I'm screwed!"
[] "Mairi bolchhi toke kyalabo!"
[] "Ekta dhorai?"
[] "E bawaaaa! Kiiii hawbeyy?!?!"

seven blogs - a) that i read but do not personally know the author of; b) which are not connected with the media; c) which are random discovery blogs
[] kabyo kobolito kobindronath
[] BridalBeer
[] random thoughts from a confused mind
[] cyborg's contemplative corner
[] one in a billion
[] Transitory
[] But Enough About You

I tag whoever wishes to be tagged! :-]


Unknown said...

"See a snake or a picture of a snake and not feel cold and nauseous or have a nightmare."
i am really sorry about that :(

rainbeau_peep said...

Aww lol, don't be silly, that was NOT ur fault! There's no way you could have known I'd be sneaking up on ur blog like that! :-]