Monday, November 14, 2005

Slugabed, Spineless Too

Got the back ache from hell. It's as if a tenacious mechanic of Damnation is trying his new screwdriver [the device, NOT the drink ... although That would be nice right now, something to wash down the painkillers with] on my spine, and boy does it work. I'm not very sure that I'm even coherent right now .. it's difficult to be, when one is on a diet of spasmo this-n-that.
So there goes another day at the Film Festival - wasted.
There goes my term paper.
And my favorite soft toy - the hot water bag.
Let me go lie down then.


isildur said...


aka blue devil

aka blue dream

aka spasmoproxyvon

my father actually found a strip in my room
major irresponsible fuckup on my part, to say the last, i'm more of a moron than i thought i was

but the thing is
unless i cocktail spasmo's withany other drug, there is no tangible trip

just a mild nod

i don't understand all the hype about it actually

btw, shuna's going to get acid, and this time its for real. we're goin to do it in his new pg place

oh hallicinogen where art thou

rainbeau_peep said...

Holy hallucination, Sweety, is that u?!

Teleute said...

umm, i was going to say something - but isildur's comment has sort of sent it whoooosh! out of my head ;D

babelfish said...

luuurbhing you will continue if you haven't submitted term paper, but otherwise also most sympathetic I am, if your spine could take it I'd offer a hug, as it is I shall make consoling little hand movements from far off :D

S said...


isildur said...

buddha bar IV jade or opium

to say the least

jaded said...

is it better now?

isildur said...


very clever

isildur said...

teleute could do with some guile

Teleute said...

ei meye, are you better?

isildur - beguiling i'm not, i'm afraid :)

rainbeau_peep said...

Stop ur blasted corruption!

He's mesmerising, isn't he?

Thanx, love. Ur the [b]light of my life :-D

Charming, that. :-]

It's better than tolerable now, thank u. :-]

uhm ... cold turkey?

Better, thank u hon!

isildur said...

'i'm afraid' etc

be afraid

Anonymous said...

if this was the post that sparked off all the concern about the endangered safety of femininity..anyway, there are strong gallant knights to save the damsel, although maybe the dragon rather than the damsel needs to be saved.i was talking to rainbeau_peep (a friend of mine thank god) on her page, and it seems i have to talk to everyone in the blog universe, and even people i'm not talking to are eavesdropping on the conversation.maybe thats how a blog is meant to be. i'm the dumb newbie. am i fake just because i posted stuff i liked, rather than stuff i wrote?i was trying to weave my story, but all the indirect hatred and bile has done it for me.bigtime.maybe i can't write for shit.all the sarcasm has hit home,and i have deleted the miserable blog, so i'm sure the community is pleased.i feel like cacofonix.
and will ms teleute please not want to talk to me? i really don't think i want to talk to anyone right now.
if it pleases you all, just let me be,k?
and about the shit i write, tell me about it.
i can be found at

i hope i havent stepped on any toes again.

isildur said...

ok ok sorry for the outburst.. i'm trying to learn
but im this way only
my tongue runs away with me..

isildur said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
isildur said...

was listening to the o brother where art thou soundtrack.the blues they be gone away.

and thus endeth the great neverending ramble in the bronx.

ms peep,please be kind enough to wipe these scribbles out of existence.

rainbeau_peep said...

I love u dearly, but.. SHUT UP. :-| Absolutely NOBODY is out to get u. And if u can't shut up, start by explaining what the HELL ur talking about!!!!!

isildur said...

a certain someone has been stalking me obessively and its fuckin freakin me out
she's read everything i've ever posted at orkut, even my conversations with my friends from school+other personal stuff..causing me to delete all posts from my scrap, and when she still posted there, i had to delete my orkut account.
joined the p2p file sharing client i use, stalked me down there,browsed through all my music files on my computer..
by then i was fkin scared
i changed my login id, created a new account
but she kept searching for exactly the music i have on my computer,[viz repeated searches for the o brother where art thou soundtrack] and thus tracked me down again

i mean i know who this is, and when i told her you will suffer for this in clg tomorrow, she logged off immediately
you must have guessed by now

isildur said...


isildur said...

and would you believe that she has the gall to mail me and say 'i've just read rohini's blog, whats wrong'!!!

im like a fkin zombie retard or something?

rainbeau_peep said...

You're going nuts. People are just concerned. Let go. If people are stalking you, come tell me, if they're cute, i'll lure them away from you, pwomis.
And get the orkut profile and ur blog up again, i SWEAR nobody wants to blow ur balls [up].