Friday, November 18, 2005

Term Paper Trauma- Of Late Submissions & Phallus Fetish.

Hair all dishevelled, sallow skin, a perpetual hunted look on my face - i'm a term paper writing freak show. I mean, don't they know i'm incapable of tasks daunting?! I'm a woman of trivial pursuits, so help me Coco Chanel and Choco Shakes! Oh, evil, evil! :-[

Now I've created a monster. Sexually explicit and never-ending.


Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

"sexually explicit"

jaded said...

aww..poor baby but apparently you hand in 'brilliant' papers so are you pretending matey??!good luck anyways...

babelfish said...

awright!! and the (b)light of your life is back. and she would like to say this
hah! hah! and hah!! to you, evil woman, who has written brilliant, long term paper....

fyn scarlet reed said...

You're writing a paper about phallus fetishism? O.O

*is really interested in that sort of thing*

Krishanu said...

am an engineering student. know little to nothing about phallus fetish or other kinky stuff though elder sis studies psychology.

i dont think anything could be worse than navier-stoke's equation...(fluid mechanics for the uneducated)

rainbeau_peep said...

Just so ur not mistaken, I wasn't talking about u there.

Don't believe a word of what anybody says about my brilliance, although I have indeed mastered the art of the copy paste. *if ur looking for brilliance, Utey and Bab'ly are the shining stars, i'll have u know*

Long, yes. Brilliant? ahem. But i'm glad u think so, despite not having read it. :-D

Ham Pao,
Uhm ... hardly. More like something about the socio-cultural and religious parity between Greece and India. *blech* Look how i sensationalise my entire life, then!

I know very little about phallus fetish too. What i do know, however, is that the Greek and Hindu gods frequently hung out naked, lusted after boob-displaying dancing girls, and generally burnt stuff like the earth up with their dicks.
And yes, navier-stokes sounds awful. gimme a navel-stroke anyday. :-]

Teleute said...

i'm still at work on my first assignment. two still pending.

Teleute said...

and you think i'm a shining star?!

*excuse me while i faint*

Raj said...

I thought you didn't have that website ticking much...God damn it! Its soaring...

Enjoy blogging...I am trying to be political correct nowadays, so I guess that would force me to say, "You claiming to be Caprio." Haha. By the way, why Di Caprio, and not Becks? More Haha.


rainbeau_peep said...

"shame shame puppy shame" on u! Get that slimbot to work right NOW! And if i'm giving u good publicity for free, just go ahead and accept it. Although the swooning does indeed add to the starry appeal. :-]

Uhm ... er ... ahem ... yea, sure. *which basically translates as "wtf?!"*
I don't know why di caprio, i was hoping u could tell me. Definitely not Becks, becoz i'm neither bendy nor do i fancy the mohawk.
But next time, will u let me be Kate Winslet, or even a Gisele Bundchen? Pretty please?! :-]

babelfish said...

Yay!!! We're done!!! Now you can get back to your trivial pursuits. And while you're at it, write your version of submission tales, and I'll link it to my post :D