Monday, November 21, 2005

'Tis a nooh day


Aww well *digging the ground with heels, trying not to look up*, that was an embarassing last post. I'm sorry about that, beloved readers, and thank you, really, to those who left comments. It feels nice to be understood.
Aah well then, even the sunny Rainbeau can be a wash-out sometimes, eh?
Let us be happy once again, and when I'm online next, let me write a less accurate and much exaggerated post about how Bab'ly and I accomplished the fated submission of the accursed term paper.


Black Jedi said...

RB, people do stupid things. You just did. Having said that, I read your original post, and it was a really open, touching and somehow lovely piece. I wish you hadn't removed it, but I can understand why you would have wanted to. Now, dont do something silly like that again!!

babelfish said...

exaggeration demanded..and the one day I don't check yer blog you post and delete, sheesh :)

Bone said...

ahh... am so glad you removed the post. i remember leaving some shouldn't-have-told story of my life in a comment as well.

but just one tiny repitition. we did miss you all at the blogmeet.

the One said...

Er .. one confesses to having read the post in question .. it was very moving, actually.

rainbeau_peep said...

Ur being nice to me, I'll have u know. It's frightfully disconcerting.

I promise extravaganza. But only after I figure out what I have to study for Hardy, and eventually manage to write the test too, it being in some hours from now.

Yes, there are some things that are better not held up to public scrutiny :-]
But thank you for ur previous comment. As for the blogmeet, I'm sure there will be another [and when i said 'blasted blogmeet', i really meant that it must've been a blast ... uhm .. er ... really.] :-p Btw, all the best for ur exams, and put up a nice post with pictures, won't u?

The One,
Rainbeau is much honoured at having been given the opportunity to lure one away from inane quests of self-discovery in terms of assessing one's potential for mutant ninja turtledom and allsuch. :-]

Black Jedi said...

RB, you're flirting with me. Stop right now. If you have to do it, make it a little more obvious and you might get lucky.

rainbeau_peep said...

Oh thank god you're back! I was beginning to get really worried. And I wouldn't flirt with you if you and a wild boar were the last living creatures on earth. :-]

Black Jedi said...

RB Darling,

this is why I said you were never going to be boaring. It's nice to know when you are proved right.