Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bhoi In The Mo(u)rning

Please join me in mourning for the sad demise of my computer's motherboard.

In other news :

1. Created a furore at Inox Forum this morning. Reasons were as follows:-
(a) Young love, I like. But if u want to make out at a movie hall, u will adapt ur moves so as NOT to incessantly bang ur platform heeled bigfoot against my seat.
(b) Exhibiting your femininity, why certainly. But "ooooooweeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaawoooooooo, I'm soooooooo sc-sc-sc-ared-d-d-d" at the topmost of falsetto pitches, it's outdated. and irksome. Hop on to your boyfriend's lap. Squeeze his arm to a pulp. KEEP QUIET and let me watch my movie.
(c) Yes, I know you've paid for the movie ticket. So have I. But it's called a movie ticket because ur here to watch a MOVIE. Not to make public speeches to the effect of,"Oh look yaa, a spider's got into her dress. now she'll put her hand on her breast, no? oh she'll take off her clothes, see na yaaaa." U didn't direct it. U don't know what's coming next. Neither do I, for that matter. So how about we shut up and WATCH? And if u must talk, talk amongst urselves, the rest of the world doesn't care to indulge ur stupidity.
(d) Everytime u see King Kong, u don't have to guffaw,"dekh dekh, boyfriend aa gaya uska." and double up in LOUD laughter. Once, ok, Twice, fine. More than that, and u've had it. Ur sense of humour is too substandard for charitable tolerance.

2. I'm in love with King Kong. Awl over again. If u must know, he was my first crush ever. My knight in flea-ridden fur, how I sniffled when u crashed off the Empire State Building, snorting and roaring ur love till death did u part. :-[

3. I've said this before. D is an asshole. I've no idea why I think he's adorable sometimes. He is not. He is a perfect ... wtf, I've got to stop posting about him.

However, now that my beloved leetle computer is an orphan, I shall not be posting again for quite a while. Everybody be evil and keep adoring me. Or else.


Black Jedi said...

RB!!! You're back! Happy Days Are Here Again!!!

Myself in mourning, myself not posting till RB return.

jaded said...

Me still loves you, and me is also sad due to absence of life and presence of too many unrealistic crushes!why oh why?

Anonymous said...

Me wants your computer to be adopted by a fine lovely Mother(board) soon who will make sure it uses its potential and doesn't harm itself [like heat up and die]


And the lack of blogging just made the heart grow fonder [but keep it up and thou shalt be erased - a threat to make sure you continue =D]

Dipanjan Das said...

seems you've to take ol' advice of throwing your dabba away now. please don't replace the ma-board. instead take your time and buy a new comp.

ishh :((, ekhono ekbaro inox e gelam na. so many parallel mobhies!

fyn scarlet reed said...

I think I want to see King King, if only because the man who's sort of playing the title character is one of my favourite actors.

Exhibiting your femininity, why certainly. But "ooooooweeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaawoooooooo, I'm soooooooo sc-sc-sc-ared-d-d-d" at the topmost of falsetto pitches, it's outdated.
All such people need to have their popcorn bags shoved down their gullets.

Spin said...

Emni korbe? Post korbe na? :( Chholonar asroy nichho? Byakul money ojotha aghath korcho?

Lancelot said...

oh wow!!! just yesterday i read about a couple making out in an atm, now in inox!!! i do agree with u of course about the fact that i am paying to watch the screen, but sometimes, just sometimes, drama around you can be entertaining!!!

Ron said...

Hmmm...people seem to be making out all over the place in Kolkata...atm counters, movie theatres and what have you...hmm.

As for annoying people,I hate people who have loud conversations on their cells during a good movie. I have often barely managed to stop myself from reaching across, grabbing cell and throwing it away...grrr!!

Merry Christmas btw.

rainbeau_peep said...

Quit using me as excuse for ur badass indolence. I'm the only one who condescends to read ur blog anyway.

Aah there's a good girl! Unrealistic crushes are good food for thought, kintu. As for the absence of a life, let me introduce you to a well-stocked fridge! *Never listen to me. NEVER. You'll perish of high cholesterol.*

I'm scared. I'm very scared. And the mummyboard apparently hasn't breathed her last yet. She's in cyber-icu and actually wheezing. I mean ... the compu makes absurd noises all the time.

U have this uncanny knack of always prescribing financal ruin. It's a rare talent best not cultivated. :-[
Oh, and I still haven't visited MoMA or Times Square. Wanna trade places?

Ham pao,
King King? is this big-budget gay porn? I'm happy with Kong, oboshyo. As for those people - they now Know. They have felt The Wrath.

Prem-potro lekha practice korchho? :-]

Why? I wanna know why. Why must u absolutely always contradict me? When i wanna watch a super-sized ape make platonic love to a size 4 blonde, i don't wanna watch anythng else. Besides, what they were doing is their problem entirely. I protested only when t started affecting me. But of course, ur only being difficult *shakes head Mother-Hubbardly*

I totally agree ... the number of times "bin tere sanam" has induced killer instincts in me is not amusng. Merry Christmas to u too! Have a great weekend [what about ur trip? wait lemme go check ur blog]

Black Jedi said...

Ah, you blog so that others can read it, RB? How shallow can one get....

Anonymous said...

Well then maybe its time to bury/cremate the dear old pc and find urself a new one to marry to =D

Anonymous said...

:O deleted the post ?

Too personal i suppose. Hope the dilemma is resolved soon :)

Lancelot said...

err, no no, not intending to be difficult-merely pointing out that such situations occasionally do have a comic aspect!!! But then i agree, nothing should come between you and watching lovemaking between apes and blondes-thats a cardinal sin ;D

Acroyali said...

jaa... here i come, after bharot bhromon to read ur blog, and ur mother board goes on vacation?

do come bak soon!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well... what can I say...?
How 'bout: "Gola"?