Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On being asked to advise on possible remedies for hairloss, my friends suggest:-

J: Rinsing with beer.

Kneo: A hat.

Squee: Semen. (?!?!)

I need a new set of friends.


Shion Guha said...

i can suggest a better herbal remedy if you will.

jaded said...

Champagne works on horses!

Sorry, real bad pj but cudnt resist myself!

Ron said...

Semen!!!!?? How!?

PS: Beer is actually supposed to be a good conditioner.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing beer is a good conditioner but I can't imagine smelling like it that strongly.

erebus said...

I tried the beer thing... doesn't work...
herbal remedies... they just work if you believe in them... I pretty much equate them to voodoo.
apparently, pre-mature baldness has a lot to do with hormones... too much male androgens (testosterone)... they do some therapy here, where they give you controlled amounts of androgen blockers.. apparently that works... but I will never try it...
I value my virility more than my hair.

Spin said...

I haff been looking for a boo pip, I haff not found. Boo does not come to college because of hair loss and brihot pNod? :P

rainbeau_peep said...

ancalogon the black,
Certainly, as long as it isn't manufactured in ur loo.

Uhm. At least you're candid. It was a pj, wasn't it? :-|

Just imagine! Something about being high in protein and frightfully nutritious! :-[ Let us not go into all that.
As for beer - I can't think of pouring 60 odd bucks down the drain twice every week, even if it makes a stopover on my sparse scalp. There's a place for everything in the world, and beer goes to the belly. That's how God planned things, as it were.

I have a feeling it would attract the men, though. Beer-headed and steak-breathed, I shall be a 21st century Greta Garbo!

You have a marvellous ability to comfort people, you know?!?! X-(
I did dress up as an Elizabethan male for a play, Squee's mother even said I was the most handsome male in the entire auditorium, that evening ...that might have something to do with it.

Boo comes and Boo sees awl! Boo sees Srin on the bridge, but Boo feels too old and world weary, for the likes of chirpy Srin and Lojjaboti and the other chicklets.
Srin mustn't tease ol' Boo, bad srin, now!

Teleute said...

no no no! claudio was hot, yes, but the provost looked like johnny depp in chocolat - far hotter, i say, even if i say so myself ;p

rainbeau far hotter than claudio - that, too, i say.

also, are you cast as a man or a woman this time around?

monk said...

heheheh something about mary te chilo na if you get what im talkin about
but jokes apart.. biye te geli? ididnt go bcos mr dutta wanted to 'spend some time with his family' those are literally the words the fker used

monk said...


rainbeau_peep said...

Only because I love u to paranoia, I will agree with u. And then of course u sneak down dark alleys snogging men. hmph.
And cast in which one? Casting for the Reddler hasn't been decided yet, but I'm very likely to be a Boot or a Chair or a goad. Aah, Beckett.
In Glass Menagerie I'm decidedly woman - hysterical, grey and mother of two.
In Streetcar I'm not sure exactly who I am - I've just been told to go on stage intermittently and pet Blanche.

What biye? i went to my nephew's biye and who the eff is mr. dutta?

rainbeau_peep said...

Oh oh oh! biye! ki mushkil, why the hell would sunayana invite me? we've barely ever spoken to each other! And i've never interacted with Vicky, however, sala buro insists that we go on tuesday, so we will - frightfully awkward, it'll be, but then buro wont listen. I shall as always slink into the background and pounce on fish fries while others exchange niceties with the bride and groom. :-[

Anonymous said...

Hairloss can bring unmeasurable gloom to your life-more than what you can bear and share with your friends who stand by you in times of trouble.This is what you can do to contain it initially and later reverse the process!
1)Get up at 4 in the morning (or night if you wish to call it)
2)Sit in an erect 'padmasana' posture.
3)Slowly lift your left leg and scratch your scalp with the big toe.
4)Now do the same with your right leg.
5)Visualise yourself with lots of hair.(This is called 'Creative visualisation')
6)After this,drink a decoction of 'arukampul'(consult the author for more details)

(This method is patented)

Spin said...

I will hunt you down now, boo.

monk said...

shubhro datta who else

rainbeau_peep said...

Surely that's the remedy for indigestion? Ur all mixed up i can see! I recommend turning cartwheels 13 times around the park and ramming ur head into the nearest oak door. :-D

I'm the fat girl with the snarl and the silk cut. :-D

Yes yes, who else. I went for the boubhaat yesterday - 'twas a feast, heavenly food, very extravagantly decorated space n awl.

Anonymous said...

Oh! you have said it yourself.May be ramming your head against the tree (not necessarily Oak) is akin to performing a mouth-to-mouth resusciation on the dying hair roots inside your scalp.

Nymph said...

well rainbeau...can u please ask ur friend who happened to suggest semen..as to how exactly the 'thing' is supposed to be applied???!

Anonymous said...

God!I cant believe someone has taken the 'idea' seriously.Maybe you have to starting including a disclaimer to avoid any legal hassles.

Freaky Chakra said...

Well, once Anupam Kher said he trid a Camel's piss when he had started balding!!

History proved it to be ineffective in his case. But you could give it a shot, ne?

babelfish said...

Is it the semen, the beer, the hat or the new set of friends that's keeping you from posting?!

rainbeau_peep said...

Uhm ... the presence of a man is of the absolute essence, I think.

Go sit on your head in the south-west corner of your room and ask yourself how many times a day you read my blog :-D

freaky chakra,
Certainly, to be a diva like Anupam Kher is my most ambitious dream. Don't be oshobhyo.

It's a bit of beer, a lot of sand, frightful confrontations and the police that keep me from posting. Maybe I shall write a post, although I'm too disgusted to right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey,what else am I getting paid for?

Dee said...

RB: Good you clarified about what is keeping you because I was beginning to think you consider some jyotishi to figure the auspicious dates for blogging since they have become so few *glares*


rainbeau_peep said...

what do you work at? other than patronising biker pals, i.e.

look look! a new post on Saraswati Pujo! :-D