Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rainbeau Peep is piqued. This is the second time she is writing this post. Internet Explorer chewed up the last one just as she was about to wind up. The fact that she has absolutely nothing better to do than twiddle her chubby fingers on the keyboard does not show her in good light.
Nevertheless, to begin where she had previously begun, Rainbeau Peep has been prowling the JU campus, and she has discovered that the most delectable mishti is sold at a quaint canteen opposite the Open Air Theatre. Take the left track from the boys' hostel and keep going till you come across rambunctious laughter and spot badly dressed men in colourful sweaters juggling flasks of water and plates of porota ghugni. The food is ridiculously cheap and just as tasteless, but the mishti is extraordinarily good.

In other discoveries, Rainbeau Peep has found out that the cream she had been removing her kajol with, these past few days, was aloe vera hair conditioner. It is no wonder then, that her eyes are puffy and she is losing lashes. Rainbeau Peep may very soon cease to be the woman of your dreams. Kindly look for substitutes.

Today, Peep visits the gynaecologist for her Jellybean [spine]. She is petrified of having to lose her virginity to a gloved finger. The awkward trajectory her sexual life has taken is cause for concern.


Teleute said...

take care.

monk said...

she is losing lashes (?!

thalassa_mikra said...

Use coconut oil. Actually better options would be jojoba oil and olive oil, but coconut oil is cheap, very gentle and effective. Using a cleansing oil is the best way to remove makeup. Just use a very mild cleanser afterwards.

Dipanjan Das said...

spine test korate gele gloved fingers edik odik jabe keno. you make it bheri grosh.

rainbeau_peep said...

I will, thanx. :-]

Yes yes yes. And no dumb jokes about whiplashes and BDSM pliz. Bhee are injuns.

Thank you thank you!!! I'll do that, although removing the oil is a problem, being as how lazy I am. But then, it should be fine in winter. With the smell of coconut on my face, and the perpetual smell of vodka out of my mouth, I can remind people of a sunny tropical cocktail! :-D

As albhayj syar, ewe are the mosht correct. I thoughts gynaes as a rule fiddled around in the nether regions. But I got away with a little fondling of the breasts, and a little ... uhm ... well .. just short of "that" - i bhill not grosh ewe out no more.

Ron said...

Gynaecs!!! They are so damn scary!! And if you have to go for tests, they will make you drinks gallons of water and then poke ur abdomen and generally create a most uncomfortable situation..and then god help you if the loo is occupied!!!*Ahem* never mind now..hope your eyelashes grow back and all that..

Teleute said...

incidentally, i wish to make a very bad joke in very bad taste regarding this post. but i do not want to sully your blogspace. so will you please buzz me the next time you're on messenger so that i can tell joke? you are welcome to never love me again after hearing it.

the One said...

>>Rainbeau Peep may very soon cease to be the woman of your dreams.

Say it ain't so, Rainbeau, say it ain't so!

jaded said...

err...i dont know what to say after reading the eye thingey- you poor poor peepy...
But i know you are still the prettys, be the happys!

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...
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Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

"Rainbeau Peep may very soon cease to be the woman of your dreams. Kindly look for substitutes."


Dee said...

And now that the male fanship of RB has been cemented further, she can get her beauty sleep more easily now :P

satchisgod said...
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rainbeau_peep said...

Hyuk hyuk. I can see you've had a most amusing gynae experience yourself! Mine told me to have an egg and arch my back felinely every now and then.

You're the one for me, you're my ecstasy ... and other similar backstreet boys songs is how i feel about you, so you may sully away. However, curiosity got the better of me and i Have pinged you on ym .. only, like every normal human soul in winter - you're asleep this bright early morning.

the one (and only),
Say it isn’t so (tell me it’s not true)
Say it isn’t so (I believe in you)
Tell me it’s a lie (I don’t need no proof)
eh? Bon Jovi with a banjo and a country yodel? Oh, how does it matter when we have lost One to the charms of nubile chinese women and discount shopping in seedy Serangoon?!

My dear, it is the loveliness and bright optimism of people such as you that keeps the Peep going! :-]

Aww love, that's sweet, but you still have to buy your own coffee. :-D

But alas, Kucho is just too young to matter. It's pacifying enough to wake up in the morning and not find my face speckled with falling eyelashes any more!

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

"but you still have to buy your own coffee. :-D"

damn you!!!!

the One said...

Well, to be honest one was unaware of the Bon Jovi thing (yes, one happens to be pitifully un-erudite) .. actually this.

P.S. No nymphet, however nubile, can cause one to stray. Solemn word. Discount shopping is fun, though.