Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I want cake.

which translates as

Went for Narnia at Fame today. Watched creatures [including humans] with bad teeth and meagre acting skills. Very slow movie, but not awl bad either [if you haven't seen it, and you're over 7 years of age, don't bother]. I loved Aslan, the Lion, dear Lord, {a} if only Men could be so handsome; {b} if only I had a mane like That! In fact, the Witch's hairdo was very impressive throughout, dreadlocks n awl. Loved the way Aslan brought frozen people back to life with a whiff of his bad [I presume] breath.
Something's going horribly wrong, I'm having crushes on animals - first King Kong, now Aslan [mildly. he was a handsome lion with a deep voice]. Terribly worrying. Doesn't say anything for Kolkata men either.
But Fame is e beeyootifool movie theatre. Please visit Fame, it is relatively shriek-free in terms of crowd, and the seats are comfortable, the leg space is larger than at most other multiplexes. They even have "royal" seats which you can lose yourself in. J, Squee, Rummy and I took turns to sit on the "royal" seat, much to the twinkle in the polite usher's eye. Very exciting, it was.

To all those demented enough to consider coming for the JUDE theatre production this year, I apologise, it really wasn't in my power to do anything. Please forgive me for abetting suicide. Please forgive me for attempted murder. I cannot help doing what I'm about to do.


aminura ytrobarkahc said...

i found your post funny as well as interesting. i also liked its subtlety. does it allude to the confusions thats a single woman's mind is replete with?
if yes, i empathise maam.
keep up the good work

Acroyali said...


maneka gandhi reported similar symtoms, not to worry. these are signs of greatness!

which reminds me... amakeo ekta good movie in a good hall dekhte hobe. being the poor bhillager, it ij luxury phor me.

Lahar said...

I would suggest a movie called Star Wars- there is a delightful creature there called Chewbacca. He can best be described as Strong Silent Type, as all he does is fly starships and grunt ocassionally. Sounds good? If this fails, he also has this decent looking friend called Ford, Harrison.

Oh, and rather nice post.

jaded said...

Will have to visit Fame. You got 67%? Bloody shit!
Btw, the mater was highly amused at previous post- you wanted to be married off to escape exams...

nothing said...

fame eej beein bheri near my house in kolkaate, but I eej beein not in kolkata unphorchunetli. sho habh not sheen anything there. umm...pholling phor animelj weeth baad breath (and bad hair...err...mane) eej being mosht dishtreshing.
bhai eej theeataar beeing potensheeal-i (which of course brings us to the questions of the potency, or lack thereof, of sheeals) homicidal?

Rimi said...

last paragraph. to that i, Rimi say: HAH!

Ron said...

You have a crush on the lion?Really? That is...umm...odd!! Not as odd as King Kong though. Thats just plain disturbing, its a giant gorilla for gods sake! Are you sur ethere are absolutely no letchable men in kolkata? Things on that front used to be very pathetic when I was living there, but surely things must have changed somewhat in 8 years?

rainbeau_peep said...

! ! !
er .. yes .. yes of course it alludes to .. awl of that .. erm. Certainly - u read mah mahnd fo sure, gal! :-D I'm a regular Bridget Jones, I am. [Only, without the leopard-print underwear]. Ur blog, on the other hand, seems well-researched and decidedly kora. :-] Thanx phor bhijiting!

acro ali,
if by greatness you mean girth, then i'm awready there, dude!!! so u keep ur nooner chhitey to urself, i say! X-( As for movies, aare u guys have an osha collection in kgp only to!

Aah then, look who's back- Luke Skystalker himself! I haven't seen Star Wars, and I don't intend to either, and chewbaca reminds me of betel or toothpaste - neither of which is very appealing in terms of attraction.

The MATER reads my posts?!?! Ki kando. Well .. uhm ... since she does .. say, could u pass on a message? Tell her I'm fair and fat, can stir a boiling cauldron [by which i mean, make jhorjhorey bhaat] and fry fish - all of which makes me, as u can well understand - every bangali man's wildest dream. Then .. could she .. perhaps .. if she isn't very busy ... try finding me a prospective husband? Such groom must be obtained pre-May, which is when the end-sems begin. :-D

the shtill dyanshar,
bheri phantashtic hall it ij, i tell ewe! kindly bhijit nexsht time ewe are here, and mention my name, sho i can get ispesaal dishcount phor phree publishitty.
aj phor animelj and their heyaar, plij do not inshult my tashte in them - aj any gujju dada bhill tell ewe - mane pyaar karuche.
aj phor sheyaals and their potency - plij syar, i do not habh crushes indiscriminately - sheyaals do not interesht me. and theatre it ij murderous bhot i am doing, becoj it goej against accepted norms oph theatre, it goej against literature itshelf - it ij beckett. and i am not capable oph doing anything becoj i am not undershtanding and becoj my director keeps telling me to be flat and emotionless. and too many thingj difficult to explain in comment box.


i'm not in love with Aslan, per se - I might have a slight crush. I am however in Love with King Kong, and will forever be - he wasn't a giant gorilla - he was THE giant gorilla - and I have come across no man with a greater capacity for love and sacrifice than him. he shows that the language of love is the same everywhere,in every creature on God's earth - a language inexpressible, yet powerful. [ahem]
And men in kolkata, my dear naive girl, might be lechworthy [though few and far between], but is it not unreasonable and overly optimistic to think that every man i lech at will lech right back with equal if not more pronounced sprightliness? :-[

nothing said...

errr...bhai aar you calling me a pheemel bhera?
And your friend 'p' should have warned you, one does not mention beckett in my presence. mane I am like this completely utterly terribly totally humongously obsessively compulsively mesmerized by becket paarshon. godot, I presume? will be neckdeep and more in beckett in april- you know it's his centenary in april, right? see, i'm rambling incoherently already. told you, mentioning beckett around me is unhealthy.

Teleute said...

i just want to tell you how much i love you. for you, i will even buy tickets for the departmental play.
are you looking at all girlwards in your quest for marriage? if you are, do i feature on the list?

rainbeau_peep said...

tha shtill dyanshar,
"Do not despair, one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume, one of the thieves was damned. - Thus spake St.Augustine, about the 2 thieves on the cross, and i'm sure u know how Beckett uses it as a motif in Godot. We're not doing Godot, though, we're staging 9 of his dramaticules ["Come & Go", "What Where", "Catastrophe" and oh horrors- "A Piece of Monologue" among them]. Are u involved in theatre? If so, perhaps u could give me some pointers as to how i should go about acting out "A Piece of Monologue"? I'm clueless - but my director/professor is looking for a different sort of existential crisis, i'm afraid.

For you I will even banish all thoughts of King Kong from my dizzy lovesick mind. Unfortunately, marriage is not a possibility my dear. I'm looking for a billionaire with a fat-girl fetish - u just don't fit the bill. :-[ But I promise never to have a lesbian fantasy without you in it. :-D

nothing said...

At the cost of butting into the tender sapphic coochie-cooing, yesh, I am. And horror of horrors, I'd most likely end up doing it myself for the centenary celebrations here in the city of boiled beans. Don't know if I can say anything that your learned (proffes/direct)or hasn't already, but pleej to be pheeling phree to be mailing. id eej beeing with teleute.

Poorna Banerjee said...

Hey Rainbeau... thanks for visiting my blog. If you check my blog you will find your answer...

And I kinda fell in love with Aslan as well(incidentally, have you read all of Narnia?)

rainbeau_peep said...

shtill dyanshar,
thank ewe. i to be mailing shoon :-]

my dear girl, I haven't read even a single paragraph of it. :-|

Anonymous said...

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