Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ley Taal Unmadonna

Q: If Madonna were to write her autobiography today, what would she call it?

A: The Chronicles of Hernia.


Teleute said...

ki pun! ki pun!

Anonymous said...

Check this out

Lahar said...

I'm sure you can squeeze "The Lyin' Bitc* And her Wardrobe" somewhere there too.

Teleute said...

you're tagged. Write eight things that you want in your ideal man/ woman (whichever way your preferences lie), and then tag another eight people into doing the same.

fyn scarlet reed said...

How creepy, the bit about 'nature's corset'.

I saw some video where she was trying so desperately to be a gymnastic raunchy dancer I wanted to cry a little tear for her. Touched in the head, that woman, and not for the very first time, either.

Anonymous said...

haha nice one.

ah so blank noise project made its way here too eh? I wrote on that just today.

'tis worth the time

Dreamcatcher said...

btw what is the play this time and why is it so bad?

rainbeau_peep said...

And I thought u loved me.

La .. har de har har.

Ham pao,
Have u seen the muscles on her?! No wonder Guy Richie admits to her wearing the pants arund the house.

I'm gonna have to go check that out.

My dear, It's Beckett. And when u add Beckett to a bunch of amateurs who've just taken up a course because they wanted to slack it - you don't come up with anything very good. Although the young uns in the batch are quite enthusiastic, I gotta say.