Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm warning you, people, I'm just going to roll over and die if I don't get something to do very soon now! ! I'm so bored I think I'm gonna relive teenage angst and get a pimple just to put my mind off this unrelenting ennui!
So I finally submitted a ridiculous paper on hijras. Thanx to the Professor and Sogiappam for helpful links. No thanks for refusing to write the paper for me.
There's nothing absolutely to do, all the damn day long. I mean, of course, there's the study leave, so technically there's plenty to do, but whoever studied on a study leave? I mean, DUH!!! [See, italics in every sentence and the use of the word 'duh' - spells teenage angst. i'd like to have written in orange, but i'm gonna spare y'all this time.]
We go to college and what do we do? I gorge myself on jhaal muri. Squee, who is also endearingly called Shootki gapes at my food and looks furtively down to see if her concave belly is still in place. J sniffs around for traces of dope and carriers of the same on campus. So between the 3 of us, we're Eats, Shoots and Leaves. [yea, I added this entire paragraph just so i could make the joke. See how bored I am?!]
Kneo's place is out of bounds because it's teeming with red ants.
Of course, inerestingly enough, Kneo wants me to act in his 5-minute short film, "Dracula". He wants to send it to some festival and make 10 lakhs. or thousand. Either way, the man sees sweetness and light where there is none. Or maybe it's because insider information has it that the movie will actually be called "Bracula" and will have an all-women cast, costumes sponsored by Wireless - your favourite lingerie shop. So next time you're at the Vijay Video Parlour and muttering under your breath to the man behind the counter, you know what movie to name before you break into a hot flush. [To all easily offended, unerringly moral anon commenters - this is an open invitation to my comment box. Feel free, by all means.]
We're considering launching an aestheto-politico-literary group that will champion the cause of world peace. It's going to be called Joint Venture and our main aim shall be to convince the head honchos of this our planet that all you need is to blow a dopey smoke ring and peace shall reign forever. It's been done in the '60s, though. But we're bored outta our minds.
Does anybody have a place [and a jukebox] we could shack up at, in return for a thick spread of joy and glorious well-being? Tell me how to get rid of this, NOW! And don't suggest impossible things like reading books. Or going to City Centre. We're broke for God's sake.


Fangmaster F16 said...

Dreamcatcher said...

Eat, play online games, sleep, watch tv. Take vacation but oh i forgot this is supposed to be study leave :P.

Acroyali said...


loverly post!

Talking Contradiction said...

besh Bhalo. You write quite well. Talking of writing, you should check out

You got a nice style.

And things to do? Why not a swim? I'm thinking of hauling my ass to Tolly myself.

Anonymous said...

Filthy species of female dog, you could at least give me better credits after all that I did for you.

hutumthumo said...

aami ei Joint Venture-e naam lekhatey paari?

rainbeau_peep said...

we do not engage in such wanton and gory sport. :-| aare, pingu bole ki manush noi naki?! hath not a pingu hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?if u thwack 'em, will they not bleed?!
[seriously, how do u clobber the bloody bird beyond 800 points?]

we have done it awl - including forgetting to study. we have since eaten japanese food and had biriyani for 3 consecutive meals. :-D ve haf watched ze film et ze tel-e-veezion. ve haf slept like ze leetle baybiz[13 hours a day]. ve now indulge in phonetic-linqvistic mishmash to amuse ourzelves.

aha, the kabyik chhobi! :-p

anna nicole,
a compliment from the pioneer of the school of gibberish himself!
as for hauling - it is too hot to haul anything anywhere, especially body parts. however, i Have hauled my ass to Tolly.

Soggy Appam,
be glad i at least ackowledged u, Turd! and awl u did was google a bit, flood me with links and hang my computer! I'm just too good for this world, i tell ya.

sheta tomar joint-rolling speed/minute er opor nirbhor korbe! :-p