Friday, June 16, 2006

Her Eyeness

Giggles. My eye doctor say that according to my ECG report I have the heart and therefore probably the stamina of a sportsperson! Hee! I can't stop blushing ever since he used stamina and sportsperson in the same sentence. Giggle giggle. Children, tell me you know what a having a good stamina means. Don't tell me all it does is help do the laundry quicker. Tell me you know all corny connotations. Don't make me explain! Not that that's what my eye doctor mean. He good boy, he is. Hihi!
And in a couple of hours my beloved Grinch will jab a needle into my eye and cut and thrash at sundry evil lumps residing in 'em. Oooh, I'm so excited! I'm even gonna wear lip gloss to the Operation Theatre! Was thinking of shaving, but he may be married so why bother really.

Post-Op: THE BASTARD ! ! ! IT HURTS ! ! !


Anonymous said...

A la Wodehouse - "Heart of a spoof and other stories" to come? Later to be be published as part of "The gulp omnibus"?

Anonymous said...

He was not hurtless?

Ron said...

Oh my goodness!! You had an eye operation of sorts??*shudders*. Im terrified of the thought even. Considering my power people keep reccomending eye surgery....ooooh *shudders again*. YOu brave brave woman.

PS: did he notice the lipgloss btw? and maybe *giggle* he did mean "stamina" you never know :P
(that was sooooo high school..cant believe I said that)

Teleute said...

bechara. muchos sympathos.

i vill go and keeck the bastard's butt.

*huuuuuuuuuuuze hug*

Anonymous said...

eye operation? eeek
what do you keep doing to yourself rainy????It be seemings you are havings an yearly pass with the hospital :S

hope the pain subsides soon!

Rimi said...

You went and had an op also? Ki active life lead koro! How is eye being? I'm terrified of letting doctor put eye-drops in even. Muchly awed by bravery.

P.S: IS he married? Did you ask? What did he say? Did he blush?

Anonymous said...

An I for an eye, - Aye aye

Poorna Banerjee said...

nyaka*****!! Maaaa thamao your insufferable giggles. Amar lifepartnerer giggles shunte shunte paagol hoyegechhi.

rainbeau_peep said...

Do my ailments amuse you?! Do you find it entertaining that I now look at the world through a single swollen eye, the other being occupied with oozing blood and sundry horrifications behind a bandage?! Bhishon kyalabo.

And to think I don't even have power! BUT I AM DOOMED REY! How would he notice the lipgloss when there was so much else to notice!! Like for instance this open-backed calf-length uniform they made me wear which showed everything from my butt-crack to my unwaxed legs!! And then the damn nurses started pinching my thigh to inject me with something or the other. and all this while he was there gaping at my flab and my lomosh thhyang!! Ma go, ki embarassment. :-[ Obviously, my stamina ceases to make a difference, once my sex becomes suspect. :-[

And what a deliciously kickable butt it is too! :-[ I have a huuuuuze crush on him rey. :-[ He's like Superman in thick glasses and a cute pot-belly. So gentle also. *sigh*

thanx, it has. The doc did a fabulous job, actually. You can't go wrong with large hands and dreamy eyes. :-[
And yea, I'm pretty much making a bed and breakfast out of the neighbourhood nursing home.

Of course. Yes. Very active - quite the social butterfly I am. Most fashionable to be seen in OTs these days wearing nothing but your body hair and a needle in your eye - new-age fashion accessories don't you know.
You wouldn't be terrified of this doc. You only have to see him once to trust him for life. He's Father Christmas. :-[ And there's no use finding out if he's married or not anymore. Not much chance of luring him into my web of desire, now that he' seen my jiggly thighs, and exactly how much of a man I am underneath my overt soft femininity. :-[ Somebody should have told me to shave. Really, someone should have. How's a girl to know that even eye operations involve semi-nudity?!

quit your braying.

sewer. jokhon akasher dike mlanmukhe takiye goon goon korey "shedin dujone hegechhinu boney" gaiti, tokhon toke ami thamiyechhilam?! Borong komor duliye back-up vocals diyechhilam. Sala, bondhutter mormo-tai buzli ney.

fyn scarlet reed said...

Hahaha ew eye operations are frightening. I just learned that the season finale of my favourite TV show will feature EXPLODING EYEBALLS. I am twitching already.

Poorna Banerjee said...

hegechhinu noy darling.... khulechhinu bone... sayate to dori chhilo naaa...

ar bhalo gaan ar uncontrollable haanshir moddhe farak achhe.

Btw, Madam er ki orkut e kutkut korar durbhaggo prapti hoyechhe??

rainbeau_peep said...

ham pao,
Yikes exploding eyeballs! I can only hope your favourite TV show is that Tyra Banks hosted model hunt thingy. :-[

tui gaanguno guliye felechhish. besh bhalo DJ hobi. oi shaya kholakhuli ta chaney ke khet mein hoye - ki jyano?, fnasi dori chaney ke khet mein, jar porer muhurtei jorajori hoye - oboshyoi chaney ke khet mein.
orkut theke ami koti bochhor aage beriye eshechhi. ferot jawa'r kono uddyeshyo nei.