Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My mother has looked me straight in the eye and declared unapologetically that she wishes Shakira were her daughter. Clearly, my hips are not to her taste. She has also mentioned in passing that I look like a "hoochie mama". It is most indiscreet of her, of course. Especially considering that she hasn't the foggiest idea what a hoochie mama means. Not that I do either. She's been quite taken by the term after she found Tyra Banks using it while flipping through portfolios of wannabe models in that reality TV show 'America's Next Top Model'. It was observed that those falling under aforementioned category were promptly rejected.
And now I'm supposed to be a hoochie mama. Ki volvo. Incidentally, kindly desist from commenting on our incredibly cerebral taste in TV programmes.

Moving on, I now love Zizou. I want to hold him to my bosom and nurse his angst. So I'll have to wear a butt-proof vest, wotis there.


Dipanjan Das said...

see this

A female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous. Lots of gold, lots of weave-typically Pattie LaBelle style with red, purple, gold, or orange streaks, and long nails with lots of airbrush glitter, and color. This female's goal in life is to use her female attriibutes to obtain a male with lots of money or any money to spend on her. Weaves, rent, & diapers for her baby from another daddy included.

:)) :)) :))

Rapid I Movement said...
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Rapid I Movement said...

DD - lol:)

Peep - Zizou's actions were thoroughly instigated.

Ron said...

@dd: i was about to tell rainbeau here that i have noooo clue what a hoochie mama is either, but if tyra banks is using it on that show of her (which i watch with great interest) it cant be too good.

@rainbeau: since i havent seen you i shall not comment on the term being an apt description for u or not. but not to worry child, my mother often looks at me styraight in the eye and wonders all sorts of unflattering things. i think its what mothers do. as for zizou...well yeah..he is kinda attractive in a nice bald way isnt he?

Anonymous said...


this may turn into a rant

first things first , the fateful night that brazil got knocked out n my next door neighbour(flattering myself ,he's just the kook who got the next room ) punmps up the volume on tera suroor.
desperation in darkest gultiland.

why couldn't ZZ just retire and fade away into the night like he should have, that bald headed inbred retard . But no , he has to come back n knock my team out. why doesn't he get choked on his own tongue.DIE bITCH DIIIIEEE!!!

gah! gah!!!!

Rimi said...

Much (unrequired) sympathy for an universally known prettywoman. But now you shall write nice Peep-type fun new post. Uff, when, oh when, will you be able to get on in life without my constant advice and guidance?

Yes, I know. Kindly desist urge to reply in kind.

scorpionragz said...

HOW DARE U RETARD OF A BLOGGER INSULT THE ANGEL THAT IS ZIZOU???? ke bolechhilo brazilke harte?? khelte toh jane na aar!!!! If zizou's brillianceoutshines them, there's no use kicking and screaming. Brazil has gone to seed. sorry for the wake up call, but matches can't be won on hype. they will eat and grow fat and think of sewing on a sixth star so much so that they forget the last match they lost was to france!!! besh hoyecchee ! thik hoyechhe!!! serves the samba bastards right!!!! Vive le francaise!!!!

Unknown said...

rainbeau, tor blog ta hysterical. pori ar pet dhori. bherry bherry funny. keep writing.

Ekta said...

Hoochie mama!!!:-)Sounds interesting..who cares what it means..sounds abusive enugh to use and let the other person wander if it means something good or bad!...heheh....sadistic pleasures!

rainbeau_peep said...

Yes, oh my. How very kind of you to provide us with the meaning. For absolutely every fucking one to see, too! most thoughtful, I must say.
Incidentally, there's another use of the word where it just means a very stylish woman whom other women are jealous of, OK?!?! hmph, jottoshob.

rapid I movt,
Thoroughly. I love him. I wanna look deep into his eyes and stroke his bald pate. or, any pornographic equivalent thereof.

Yes, mothers. When will they learn to behave? I'm sick of her singing "mota haathi thhop thhop, chhola khaaye gop gop" every time I so much as pass the dining room! As for Zizou, look above you for helpful hints on how I feel about him.

ron & rapid,
Kindly do not encourage DD's evil doings.

goodstryker & scorpionragz,
Please settle this out of court and send me the proceeds.

shall I break into song to express the depth of my desire for you?
Tumi kyano bojhonaaaaaa, tomaaake chharaaaaaaaaa aami oshohaaaaaaaaye!!!
Aamar shobtukuuuuu shudhuuuuuuuuu tomaaaaaaake ghireeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!

Fuuny thing is, can't remember either the rest of the damn song, or who sang it. Cactus, highly.

Thunkoo thunkoo! Erom regularly korte paarle amaro ekta cult hok, baba ramdeo er exercise plan ke beat kore debo!

Behave, child. We here at the raven's nest believe hoochie mama means something wildly positive. irresistibly sexy and suchlike. we're sticking to our story.

Anonymous said...

will you represent me?? .....:-).