Friday, July 07, 2006

This is such a forced post.

Was in Chennai for a couple of hours this weekend - en route to Tirupati and back. I like the city - get to see it for a few hours every year. Nice houses, every area I've been to so far looks like Salt Lake. Came back with dead calves, as in, the ones on my legs, not the cow variety, don't be tiresome now. Traditionally, sinners atone for their misdeeds by climbing up 7 hills - about 10,000 odd steps, from Tirupati to the Lord Venkateshwara temple in Tirumala. My mother, who takes non-conformism to limits of eccentricity, chose to climb down the hills - a 7 km steep downhill path - well, stairs with a bit of path, mostly. Also, she chose to take it more as a substitute for missing the gym than as a pilgrimage, a moment to ponder on God and His greatness, or otherwise, if you've been having a hard life. Don't know what sin she needs to purge, but there was plenty penance for sure, what with swollen feet and sundry ghastlies. Didn't help that we completed what takes 3 to 4 hours in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Me, I went for the spectacular view. Also to ensure that I don't have to meet a battered mother with smashed bones in Tirupati. We're a very clumsy accident-prone pair.
Like I said, this is a forced post and I can't go on. Thought I'd write something to put my mind off something else I'm trying to forget. Isn't working so far! :-]
Yennyhooey, heard this fantastic song on the Chennai Radio Mirchi - it's number 2 on my top of the pops, after Mika's "Tyall me sumthing, sumthing sumthing, tyall me tyall me", which is giving me sleepless nights. Think of absolutely any '80's dance-pop number, say, Modern Talking's "Brother Louie". Now, add the following words to that sort of music:-
"Indeppo, yennammaaaa! *something something*
Kaaaaaalej-uh! Teeeeeeeeenage-uh!
Kannammaaaaa Kannammaaaaaa!"
Mind it, as Rajnikant would say, I've only heard the song once, and I don't know a word of, Tamil, I suppose it was. No offence to any South Indians please, obviously i've messed up the lyrics - but this is how i've been singing myself the song on the potty everyday. Wish I knew what it means, though. I suspect it makes a strong statement about love on campus.


arundhati said...

aamake gaan-ta shekhash toh-methinks i will take the south film industry by storm-am the right build and everything.

Madhura said...

@ arundhati: way...not even need to put on some serious weight..if you have trouble believing me open sun tv late at night..(*psst* they show soft porn ice bag would be useful)

peep: isn't the song enuf to make u forget whatever it is that you want to forget? if not then pliss 2 b listening to 'lonely' by akon

2:26 AM

Anonymous said...

are all judeans manic weight watchers fed on a diet of terry pratchett??

anyway, i get to hear all the southern film jhatak music i want .

rainbeau_peep said...

Aiyo! No chanceamma! If anyone's the right build, it is me only. You've seen Silk Smitha and you've seen Nylon Nalini. Now the world will welcome Rayon Rohini.

do not fun make of our taste in moojik. i'm quite taken by the song. and i scoff at Akon. scoff, i tell ya.

oh how i envy you appa! and i haven't read pratchett.

Anonymous said...

do not wish for things that you do not desire it could happen......from the motion picture "wishmaster"

(YES! i watch slasher movies).

and amake appa bolish na please...aar appa mane father

rainbeau_peep said...

wotakando! ami jaani appa maane father, just like amma maane mother. but married women are in general referred to as amma, na?
having zero info about you, i would like very much to pretend ur pot-bellied, dark, wear yellow pants and fling ur cigarette in the air before catching it in ur mouth, like all cool southie doods.
of course, i'm assuming ur male. cuz otherwise this is no fun. we've got an amma [starlet there, above u]. we need an appa now. ur it. live widit!

Anonymous said...

yen podi! aiyo what da....i don't have any yellow pants n i can't be a sugar daddy.

i do have a carton of milds though.

sice i have 0 idea about you are you one of the fat bottomed girls who make the rocket world go round??

Lahar said...

It's not "South Indian". It's "Tamilian". Say "tamilian"? Tha- Me- Lee- Un. You Northies might be surprised but those of us who aren't Tam arent terribly pleased with being slotted in with them.

And you actually walked 7 kms????????????????????????