Friday, August 25, 2006

Aashbi Na Ki Rey Byata? Jutiye Lal Korey Debo!

Design and Copyright: Abhijay Gupta, 2006.
dyance[!] drama[!] acsun[!] reacsun[!] passun[!] emosun[!]

Do come and watch, not because by doing so you’d be sponsoring our cast party [I wish] but because it really promises to be fun.
And if that isn’t incentive enough, you can come and watch me in all my facial-haired glory. :-[

Design and Copyright: Abhijay Gupta, 2006.

Don't let the timings bother you, by the way. It's quite a short play.


Spin said...

brilliant posters.

Rimi said...
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Rimi said...

Amar mone hochhe lokjon post title ta porey paliye gechhe. Hence this here faaNka maath.

I LOVE the first poster.

expiring_frog said...

fatafati posters.

rainbeau_peep said...

Thank you, I will convey your compliments to the designer. :-]

I LOVE the first poster too. There's something very ... comforting .... about grinning mokeys. uhm.

Thank you, I will let Gogol know.
Kintu amar cholleesh taka?

Sikan DeRouge said...

Kire ganjakhor!

Rapid I Movement said...

Poster-gulo shotto gola akdom!

expiring_frog said...

Taka mati, mati taka.

Madhura said...

tor-i toh dialogue--"ooonh tor darite ki gondho!"--na?

rainbeau_peep said...

scarlet flame,
Tui. Tor baap. Tor 14 gushti.

aar beshi bolte hobe na, designer dekhchhi ei obhagi'r blog porey. :-[ Bekar or tela mathaye tel diye ki laabh?

*naaki shNurey*
pNaach rupaiiiyaaaa, baaraa aanaaaa
Anyway, aami jumbo van.

agye, hain. :-|

Rapid I Movement said...

Na, na...bheri interesting it is. Maaney, the second poster has, let's see...splashed vermillion rokto, aeroplanes, 11th September, lokhon - presumably aiming at a dainty figure perched graciously on the two towers and finally, a grinning bespectacled baanor...


jhantu said...

mane ashtam, bostam, dekhta ba ghumotam, show-er pore autographo chaitaam..
kintu mane saat samndar paar to, tai ektu "ye ye ye" hoche

Spin said...

Acha, quick question. You know who I am, dont you?

Dhruva said...

Hehe heh.I know what you mean.You should probably read an older post on my blog entitled "Surviving Semesters..." to find out how I pull rabbits out of the hat. :D

Dhruva said...

Also, your post entitled "Bride and Prejudice" was freakin hilarious!