Saturday, September 09, 2006

One Last Time

Onstage peeing?

Intellectual monkeys?

Pretty boys in the semi-nude?

Pretty girls in tight skirts?

Prohareno dhononjoy and maar dala?

Seduction? Deception? Waltzing to war?

Read the second preview

Get it all at Gyan Manch, September 11.
7 p.m.

Don't cancel dinner plans. You'll be out in an hour or so.

Hurry! Offer valid till stocks last!


Madhura said...

ooofff!! voddo vore korchho!! bolechhi to asbo...areeeh asbo baba....satti

ps: don't let theaTreCian freak you out...

Dipanjan Das said...

jambooban er chhobi chai, you have been tagged. he the he.

fyn scarlet reed said...

Oh great, I just remembered. I don't have passes/tickets.

rainbeau_peep said...

o ma! aashbi? shotyi aashbi?! aami bhaabtei paarchhi na!!
Uuuh, kothaye lokabo mor laaj!

p.s.: na na ... freaked out hobo kyano, compete korchhi naki? we wish them all the best!

amar orom silly pic-tic nei. ami unmaader moto photogenic. maane JUST. :-|
*cough cough splutter splutter*

ham pao,
excuses excuses! tickets available at counter for 40 bucks each.

Rapid I Movement said...


Spin said...

Pretty boys in the semi nude? WHERE?