Sunday, September 03, 2006

Orey Pashondo, Tor Mundo, Khondo Khondo Koribo

Read the preview.

Be excited.

Be very excited.


Madhura said...

voye gechhe *tee hee*

Rimi said...

Chalaki? Natoke'r publicity=posts? Chot pot lomba post koro. Or else there shall be more chasing on the department ka corridor.

ichatteralot said...

Bombay te hobe - tahole dekhbo! In the meanwhile I purchased an EEnglish translation of Abol Tabol which is rather sweet...

Anonymous said...

I second rimi minus corridor chasing on the long post - lazy!


rainbeau_peep said...

chaapke prohareno dhononjoy kore debo! [eta BVSean er line :-D ]

rimi & deepali,
No scene-scenery of long post [congwats, dee, for figuring out the meaning of lomba] for a while now.
But do keep visiting, it's always nice to have company.

Bombay tey to hobe boley mone hochhe na? Abol Tabol er translation porey keu? dhikkar!