Friday, September 15, 2006


One number husband. In less than 11 hours. Ceremony must be completed by noon.

I mean, what the FUCK is the bedness of a bloody bed?! Fucking Plato. Idiotic Aristotle.

Porikkha devo naaaaaaaaaaaa. :-[


Rimi said...

Yarki? We'll take a Faerie Queen-Donne-Shakespeare-Herbert test followed by a Middle March-Bleak House-Victorian Prose test and you'll escape with minimum damage? I want that man for myself! Bole dilam!

Anonymous said...

Shit, ami debo. :) Maney porikka.

rainbeau_peep said...

pNeyaji? You really wanna know? Do ya, do ya?!

Shakespeare in performance - including performance history of all major shakespeare plays staged in the last 400 years, and landmark films. Do you have any idea how HUUUGE that is? FOUR fucking hundred years, RIMI!!! I can't even begin to tell you.

A report on shakespeare in performance.
An assignment on creatively transforming a newspaper story. And a book-reading + rehearsals every effing day.
I must lie down now.

fuzzy dee,
who it is, the fuzzy dee?
porikkha dish na, fail korbi. biye dey borong (amar). :-[

Anonymous said...

The fuzzy dee is the fuzzy dee. You are expected to know the fuzzy dee. Ei toh shedin tumi amar pa joriye ghumochhile ar ajke bhule gele? Ei chhilo tomar money? Ha hotosshhi.

Poorna Banerjee said...

bebbeee.... chaw. Be kori. No comebacks.

Unknown said...

finally got a post out.*goota eat more fibrous things*

Anonymous said...

If you miss the play I am on,
You can't be (too) sure that I am gone,
You can hear the assignments grow ...
A hundred years a hundred years ..
Lord 'am one, Lord 'am two, Lord 'am three,
Lord 'am four hundred years from my tome.

Not a page in mah book,
Not a demi in the press

Lord 'am four hundred years from my tome

(Adapted from Yankee Doodles Book of Verse: Chapter III: Verse XII)

Madhura said...

hahahaha! ei snigger lokta toh byesh :)

rainbeau_peep said...

fuzz duh,
fuzzy dang, i means!!! Ki scandel!! kirom maleesheeus propaganda amar biruddhe!!!
choprao beyadob! mukh shaamle kotha bolish!

chaw, shiggir chaw. tor swiss bank account theke koyek million amar account e transfer korchhish to? ami kintu piritey chorey paaner pata niye hawaye duulte paarbo na.
oboshyo tui-o paarbi na - amader chaap ke shoibe, bol?
haaye zeebontai vrithha!

dekhchhi! porchhi!
and this is precisely why i insist on sambar as a staple in everyone's diet. i recommend the type with the dNata and the dhNyarosh. :-D

dan (?!),
hmm. i'd giggle charmingly, except that it's only you.

Q: What would you call a book written by an Oprah Winfrey fan?
A: Fan tome of the Oprah.

beshbhusha bishesh poren na uni. transparent sando genji'r bhetor theke gachha du-ek buuker lom beriye thaake. aar oshombhob tight jean-pant.
Oboshyo, snigger may not be who i think he is. in which case, much apologies + an amiable welcome.

Unknown said...

tobe bhalobeshe ekta dooto comment chad, budding writer bukhli!!(But don't be too hard else I'm gonna hunt ya down)

Rapid I Movement said...

Aacha, why Plato? Why does only he get lucky?

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged!

Dhruva said...
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Dhruva said...

Today I was there at OlyPub. Haha!

rainbeau_peep said...

comment chherechi vye. notun post likhleo mondo hoye na kintu.

Bakita kal haashbo. :-|

devil woman!

Yikes! why didn't you come and say hullo? incidentally how the eff didja know I was at Oly?
Were you perchance wif ze fiss? did i mercilessly hoot at you?
were you the lecherous kaku? did i tell you, "kaku chokh ta khabarer dike, amader dike noi plz"?!?!
E ma, I am in disgrace. :-[

Dhruva said...

Nope.No kaku, me.Gawd, I'm just 20.
I just dropped in to say hi to a friend.Stopped for a quick beer.
Then I saw your table.(Considering you were sitting at the table where I usually sit)
I thought these people must be JUDEans.You know, gut feeling.
Then one of the guys told me that 'those are Bilu's friends'.I thought, 'Woah.How coincidental is that.'Then I saw Teleute.Said hi.We talked for a bit.That's how I knew who you(and Trina) were.Wanted to say hello, but there were too many ppl at your table, and also, I was in a hurry.
Incidentally, I still don't know your name.LOL.

Rimi said...

Uff, ei online bondhutto! Ze shrouded eet izz, in ze meestree.

Dhruva said...

Especially when it blurs into the offline world.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ki haebby hochhe. Chicken finger *slurpslurp*.

Ron said... goes the husband hunt child? And the Plato? Why have u vanished? Come back and tell all please.

P said...


rainbeau_peep said...

my name is peyajkoli. now that introductions have been made, perhaps next time u will stop by for a drink [which u will pay for urself]. :-D

meestree? amar barir anache kanache. shokal theke raat obdhi thhok thhok korchhe. bitkel bojjat er dol.

fuzzeel duck,
iyarki? modhyoraate khadyokhNoj?

aha, husband ra ki mudi'r dokaane kilo'r dor e bikri hochhe naki?!?!
no husband in vicinity, mairi. it is the dukhher zeebon. :-[

perspective inc,