Friday, September 29, 2006


The Dee has the tagged me. Which would have been tiresome, except that since I'm too exhausted to write a proper post, this works fine.

So I'm to list my 10 "simple pleasures", eh? And they can't just be 10 different kinds of food?
Oh, awrite! Spoilsports.

In no particular order of preference :-

1. The company of old friends I haven't been in touch with for years.

2. Tastes - dark chocolate, mixed fruit jam, australian grapes, absolut vodka, mid-afternoon cigarette when I haven't smoked all day, ... D.

3. Smells - first cup of coffee in the morning; burning incense, camphor and sandalwood at the pujo pandal; wet earth during heavy rains, my Lux shower gel, ... uhm, y'know.

4. Flowers. Unpicked flowers. White or violet. Also, watching the shrubbery outside my house tremble in the wind.

5. Waking up to the cooing of the friendly neighbourhood kokil.

6. Meeting someone for the first time and realising you're going to be friends forev - .. for a very long time, at the very least.

7. Standing on the weighing machine and whooping for joy because I weigh 20 grams less than yesterday, which means I'm closer by 0.00023% to not being overweight any more.

8. Whole-night, all-girls parties. There's booze, there's food, there's conversation, and you don't have to wear a bra. [we're having one tonight, yabba-dabba-dooo!]

9. Tears.

10. Coming back home - to my computer and YM, to Monday comedies on Star World, to Radio Mirchi, to the reassurance that my parents are only a floor and two away.

I will continue this chain of evil by tagging utey, Laura, "sen"sational, sandman and MadameSosostris.


Teleute said...

Bah. You will not invite me to spend night with you, but you will tag me? Bah.

Shion Guha said...

Ms. Raven.

Yesterday, I had the most gracious occassion of gazing upon your lovely personage. (of course, I had no idea that that was you, more likely, I was talking to me friend Debanjan), when the Warped Spiral pointed you out to me dressed in a delectable ebony-crimson sari.

Ofcourse, you will not agree with me. But, I reiterate. You were not looking fat. You are most gracious to the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Coming home.... mmmm :)

rainbeau_peep said...

Hain ... maane ... let's take this relationship one step at a time ...?
Shubho Bijoya! :-p

ancalagon the black,
ebony-crimson, eh? yes, i suppose u could be poetic about a kalo-sari-lal-paar. as for being gracious to the eyes - smear 3 coats of maybelline in 5 different shades, and even a ruddy tapeworm will look gracious. *thank u, though*
who or what is a Warped Spiral, other than the rickety winding stairway to a friend's terrace?
and finally, if ur the one with the LOTR thingy on the kurta, then I am happy to announce that i have "gazed" too. at the kurta, in ... er ... snowy white?

yes. it can be very idyllic. unless u have battalions of mechanics doing wardances all over the house. :-[

Unknown said...

10 things are far too less, Its not fair (but well nothing is....).

*sleep deprivation*

Unknown said...

a coupla new posts for milady!.....:-)

Poorna Banerjee said...

Madam, how come I am ze Madam Sosostris??? I am ze everyday Panu.

er, for ior pelejar, has written stuffsh. go read.