Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PMS Peep

Listen, I'll tell you something. You know what's wrong with women's emancipation today? And reading goddamn blogs? Hah.
So I once read something a blogger called Vulturo [I think] had written - it's the only post I've ever read of his. He talked about how he'd got on a bus and sat himself down next to a lady, and she squirmed and edged towards the window. That's the basic gist - he felt violated. Insulted, even. Because apparently the woman had assumed he'd try to harass her - something of the sort. Now, that's his idea, of course. I'll tell you what, the woman wasn't doing nothing of the damn sort. But that goddamned post ruined my life, didn't it? Ever since then, when a man sits next to me on the bus, and mind, no slim man has ever sat next to me, it's always the big hulking ones. And a big, hulking man + a big, hulking Peep on 1 minibus seat = hell, someone's falling off. Which could have been avoided if, on finding that I could no longer be queen of my domain, I'd have shifted towards the window and made some space, for the goodly co-passenger. But I can't, can I? Because now, suddenly, I'm considering his feelings. I'm wondering if he'll think I see him as a potential groper if I move away to make space for him! So I spend the rest of the journey clenching my bottom and trying to shift millimetre by millimetre, so as not to offend anybody, instead of just simply sliding to the side. Bloody hell, I tell you.
Oh, and by the way, Sagnik, women love shoe-shopping more than men, presumably, because we've got variety, we've got colours and cuts and beautiful beautiful desgins to choose from. Unlike men's shoes, which can only come in 13 kinds anywhere in the world. In any case, I have male friends who allot a certain amount of money every month for clothes-shopping. Which makes me snigger, seeing as how I only shop before Pujo and my birthday [and no, I don't buy 20 tops and 17 skirts and other things in heaps], and I haven't bought a pair of jeans in 5 years, even though mine are battered in inappropriate places [uff, i'm not making any bleeding fashion statement - it comes with being fat - uh, friction, and ... oh never mind. now i'm embarassed]. And anyway, even if someone's a compulsive shopper - why do you even have to try and understand women's fascination for nice clothes and accessories? Do we ever question your obsession with watching ugly men in skimpy clothes wrestle each other? And don't even get me started on obsessive-compulsive gelling of hair.
Ok, I can't think of anything else to snap about. I need to write a gazillion assignments, and I've caught the 7th bout of cold in the last 2 weeks. Things are *not* [I'm sick of italics] good, and it's pissing me off.
Dear good stuffs, I'm awfully sorry I didn't reply to the comments on the last post. I just don't wanna. I mean .. uh. :-[ No offence, though.


Prerona said...

lol!!! fat & friction & ... ?

Poorna Banerjee said...

honey, i have a good mind to have my way with you after seeing those stuffs you got for priyanka....

Oh those camisoles.... i just wondered what you would look like in one... all spilling up.


Tyger Burning said...

or you could simply biff the man on the nose and chuck him off and hog the whole space yourself

Anonymous said...

You always had this tendency of embellishing fat with friction I guess ...

Anonymous said...

and vitreous humor ..

Anonymous said...

And now a post on peep through selfish jeans - Now we have seen everything that is there to be seen :(

Unknown said...


Well,its always nice to make a lil space if you are horizontally-challenged n guys also haf the stuffz to buy not 'shop'.

Also to clear up some points.
The following steps are taken in this method(I'm giving internals...):-
1.Try ebay + nike/adidas /uptempo.
2.We are generically engineered that way.(Some guys do like to see a brawny guy pinning another down but thats another slant altogether).


Erm ...panu's not helping!!

Admin said...

ehh, 2 fah bums resling on a publeak baas nuh gwoo miss! :)

TC said...

id sit tight esp if i got there first!!!!wht i cant stand is when people push elderly people outta the way to get to sit next to a PYT!!!how gross is that!??!!! and have u noticed..........never on a bus ride has some drop dead gorgeous hunk come and sat next to you???!!!!!why is that huh???!!!!

rainbeau_peep said...

aei chup. ask me no queschuns and i'll tell u no lies.
that pic of urs is incredibly pretty, btw. :-]

! ! !
mairi, it's all very nice to live up to your name n awl - but, oye control yaar!?!
p.s. : can you believe those tape-jama thingies u wanna call camisoles or wotnot, were actually a gift from a potential mom-in-law?!

hmm. worth a shot, but needs a trial run. i'll be taking the garia-bbd bag today. care to join me?

dearest cause of my untimely ageing a.k.a dan,
u have GOT to stop dawkin' ur way all over my blog, ol' balding hippo. i do not care for this strange love.

you better hurry up and write another post. also, study for ur end-sems, stop staying up late, tie your shoelaces, and don't listen to a word panu says.
uff, when might i stop having to mother u kids?

no amount of goo-goo talk will hide the fact that you just went right out and called my booteh fat. take it back, this instant, i tell u.

which drop-dead gorgeous hunk have u ever seen on a bus, boss? u want hunk, u take metro. it's the rule.
pushing elderly people, eh? i haven't come across that, thankfully. but it's amazing how nobody will get up to offer them a seat. *i do. honest.*