Monday, November 27, 2006

Study Leave

Don at Inox- check

Casino Royale at Inox (precisely the day before the morning show ticket price was brought down to Rs. 50) - check

Barnarda Alba'r Bari - check

2 parties with moderate amount of alcohol intake - check check

Zinger combo at KFC - check

Cha and egg tarka at Russell Dhaba - check

Endless cups of coffee and chicken bhaja at Milon Da's - check

Two kilo weight gain - check [goddamit]

Early morning ticket booking at Jadavpur station - check

Numerous hours spent online trying to figure out which sikkim treks are death traps (read: which trek routes entail mati khurey potty) - check

Dust allergy extravaganza thanks to two dozen mistiris ramming the house from all several sides and sprinkling debris in the very spots i inhabit - check

Feeble attempt at keema'r chop which, for no fault of mine, ended up becoming alu'r chop - check

Syllabus for endsems commencing Monday - checkmate.

And there's shopping for biye bari, screening test for editing and publishing course, cast party and attending biye bari left before I can figure out exactly which 70% of the syllabus i'm not going to study.

The point of this post is to let you know that the Peep, oh the Peep - she lead glamourohsobusy life. You may discreetly blow your nose, but turn away before you snigger contemptuously. Oaf.

Those professors who are so kind as to defile (which, as we all know, is the khoo' way of saying sanctify, honour, glorify) my comment space will look away and pretend this never happened, should they chance upon my hapless answer script. Let the Peep's academic imbecility be a private joke, to be lightly indulged, eh? :-]



p.s.: Dan, keep out.


March Hare said...

On average, I am spending 10 hours a day sleeping.

4 hours reading story books.

2 hours watching re-runs of old movies.

4 hours chatting.

1 hour eating.

1 hour procrastinating.

And that leaves me with....???

Ohhh...and 1 hour, I doze...

p.s. can I join the club rainbeau?? pliss..ohh..pliss??

Abhijit Gupta said...

i used to play cricket in university and quiz in Satyenda before exams. porikhkhar aage porashona kora was considered distinctly uncool. but of course, that was in the bad old days of the annual system...Peep please note this statement does not constitute any attempt to defile your sacred blogspace.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually trying to study. A week before the exams.

Unknown said...

Haha! your are screwed!Best of luck anyway.Though I do hope that you ain't one of those people who say ,"I haven't done anything at AWLL" n have been studying secretely for the end-sems from day (n-1).But OTOH you guys have to read good writing n give tests on that, I would kill for that.

Anyway, the sooner you finish your exams the sooner you get to go to sikkim.

Anonymous said...

Gagging of the fifth column will not be tolerated!

Shion Guha said...

Tut tut, I have never heard such tittle tattle.

babelfish said...

Rainbeau. Lady, I'm miserable already. Did you have to make it worse?
*deep breath. i will be calm*
Right. Your last post. Which is a fabulous post and very funny as always has a slight problem. You mentioned the Fish, and people being people, or in this case Panu, jump to the conclusion that Fish must mean the Babelfish. Don't ask me why. I suppose I look hassled and ready to be condescended to 24/7 as well. Would you do me a favour? Either link Priyanka's blog to it, or mention that you don't mean Bfish. The kind of temper these exams have reduced me to, the next person who comes and asks me why I would say such a thing will get slapped. Very hard.
Please. For the sake of my sanity.

rainbeau_peep said...

chhi chhi! toder boyeshe aami dinraat boi er bhetor naak gujey boshe thaktam! aajkal kar chhele meyera! dhikkar!
aaye tor biye diye di. chheleo khuje rekhechi.

tintin da,
oh that's ok. we just go to cast parties and dine regally. *nyeh heh heh heh*
and certainly not, these words of wisdom will hold me in good stead when the semester results are out. i shall tell my parents i only followed the advice of my professors.

dizzguh-sting! ey ya, garima, ur like, so unkhoo' man!

allow me to send you the links to a spot of derrida and barthes. very entertaining light reading itis. besides, aren't your exams like - TOMORROW?
and you keep quiet about sikkim. that plan is going haywire.

uff. abar pseudo-aNtlamo? wotever the hell is a fifth column? all u have is a gorge on ur scalp, and a fattypuss in ur belly.

anc the black,
pray forgive us, mother hubbard. are u going to hit me with ur thimble now?

of course we know you aren't Fish. there's only one Fish. you, are fishy, ur bfiss. you've always been bab'ly on my blog. panu seems to have corrected the link on her post, so you can breathe easy now. i'll hyperlink as well, if it makes things easier. i don't believe i was being condescending, but then that isn't your problem, it's Fish's.
good to know people dwell on my blogposts, though.
I'll make the changes. peace out.

Rimi said...

Yes. People I CHAT with are now calling me names for not studying. While I chat with them BY not studying.

Betrayal and infiltration of the worst order. We should breed sharks in the jheel and feed suchlike people to them.
(Tintinda ki comment o poren?)

March Hare said...

Ke chhele??
Amio dekhbooooo!!!!! :O

Prerona said...

love your new template
agree with everything
term paper due tomorrow at 4PM :(

rainbeau_peep said...

heh heh. yes, truth be told - the gentleman is a bad influence.

[inane new post to distract him from seeing comments on this post. clever, ain't i?]

khyak. tui dekhechhish. kaane kaane bolbo, ekhane na.

thank ye, i've had it for a long time now, actually.
lol, it's like you breezed past my blog. the term paper's gonna be great, don't worry. when i begin a paper the night before i'm supposed to submit it - i keep saying "grace under fire" over and over in my head. it works to kill the stress. but the marks are embarassing, alas.