Friday, November 03, 2006

Women On Top. Are You Interested?

I have been asked to promote a play on this blog. A play that I am a part of. I have been told to promote it with the catchphrase "women on top". But then I came across this news article.
Thanks to Greatbong.

We're doing a play called Top Girls, while there are girls in our villages being paraded naked and raped in public. We're rehearsing the roles of successful women Popes and famous warrior queens, and coming back home to read of how a girl younger than we are, a topper at her school was found dead in a canal with rods sticking out of her genitalia.

There was a brainstorming session to come up with promotional ideas for our play. Our Jude production, 2006 - Caryl Churchill's Top Girls. Someone came up with "who are the top girls? where are they?"
Indeed. Look for them, dead in a ditch.

Or, I suppose, find them at Gyan Manch on the 14th of November.

My apologies to the drama team. Of which I am honoured to be a part. Marketing was never my strong point.Perhaps I will have another go at this. Not now, though. I don't want to be a top girl, not right now.

By the way, the blog header is not original. I've lifted it from a poem by Anne Sexton.


Liquifier said...

it hurt to read the article.

Trina said...

khub rege achish, dekhchi? tenthe ashbo. all the best. phone korish.

Rapid I Movement said...

On the article...
Long back, in school, a certain lady teacher had once remarked over a debate "men, they can only kill...but women, they can butcher"

As much as I dislike Bangals in general, it does hurt deep down to hear that during the Bangladesh War over half a lakh women were raped and killed, not to speak of the thousands of "war-childs" that were born.

Grotesque indeed are the ways society takes it out on women.

Apoplexy said...

Boston....far from longe..short of rave

Anonymous said...

powerful post.

rainbeau_peep said...

yes. to know someone went through that. to move on as if it didn't happen.

koi, na. maane, hehe. 10th e esho. aami jodi line na bhule jayi, amar jodi stage e sari na khuley jaaye, skirt ta na fetey jaaye, aar jodi dhopaash kore na porey jayi - tahole pore coffee khetey jaabo shobai miley, ok? :-] tumi thhik thheko, ekdom dushtumi korbe na.

i don't know how that quote was relevant to the article.
there are women being raped every single day, you don't need to have a war for that - just seeing a woman walk down the road is enough. it isn't society, so much as some individuals - that's what i'd rather believe.

ok. boddo furti. tor blog ta besh.

dhus. maarbow.

Tyger Burning said...

and you havent even read the independant godhra report brought out by some joo profs...

Abhijit Gupta said...

I bow to the Peep for a staggering performance at Gyan Manch on Tue. Talk about top girls--the Peep rocks!

Shion Guha said...

once again, Ms. Raven, you look exceedingly good in a saree... I however, left after the first act. You see, I couldn't understand anything.

Or was it the acting?

rainbeau_peep said...

i'd like to read it, if u have a copy.

tintin da,
hehe. ki je bolo. boddo goodness of the heart.
thenkew. :-]

anc the black [or is it blank?],
you are exceedingly kind. my co-actors had some very disparaging comments to make about me in that sari. but then they're seeped in evil, every single one of 'em. have u ever tried wearing a sari without the petticoat, because hell, there's no room for a petticoat when u have to conceal to the audience that ur actually wearing half the costumes for ur next scene under your sari? that was [a] a poorly constructed sentence, [b] totally irrelevant seeing as how there's a slim-to-nil chance that u've been in a similar situation.
ACT I was indeed tedious and chaotic. perhaps u would have done better to stay on, though. the other Acts were easier to follow.
being part of the cast, i am not in a position to comment on the acting.
it is however, reassuring to know that you weren't the infant who went "goo gaa goo" somewhere during the course of the play, and made me forget my cue.

Shion Guha said...

well, I have been involved with a lot of histrionics on the gyan manch stage, and/or otherwise with various theatre groups who shall not be named for fear of mass retribution.

often I had to wear layers of clothing... though nothing like a petticoat. a dhuti over jeans? yes. that has happenned though. usually i dont care, i just like standing center stage.

rainbeau_peep said...

anc the black,
you're lucky then. me, i despise the stage. i act for the comfort of being someone else for a while.
yes, i'm completely messed up in the head. excuse me while i go bark at the moon.