Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And Because You Were All Animation And Tell-Me-More


I did it!

I'd like to thank 3 bowls of rabri, 5 Benarsi peras, 4 nolen gurer kachagollas, and an enormous amount of Irish Cream.



babelfish said...

Next up, details of Miss Peep's dental trauma...ma amar eto mishti khete nei :P

Dipanjan Das said...

pete krimi hobe kintu.

Prerona said...

enjoy! ami o ashchhi kalke kolkata mishti khete!

Ron said...

COngratulations. Though this is the first time Ive heard of Irish cream being a good laxative. Stil, I shall take your word for it.

May I draw your attention to an old post of mine where I had stressed the importance of discussing potty problems? Your had left hurtful rude comments to that one. All I can say now is ..HAH!!! *in suitably nasty tones*

Anonymous said...

Bowelled over with happiness and relief are you?

rainbeau_peep said...

Amar nature tai eto sweet, aar mishti kheye sweetness bariye labh nei bolchhish? You may have a point there. ahem.

Tui jotoi hingshuteypona korish, toke kintu shei icing dewa gingerbread kheyei thakte hobe. :-p

yay! ekhon absolutely best time to come to kolkata. and if you're in ballygunge place, definitely try out the gurer mishti at mukherjee sweets. oshadharon khete.

eki? me? aaamiii?!?! aha, i must've taken offence to it being made an ingredient of romance. maane, poor Rahul, if he wants to talk about, say, the colour of your eyes, and you want to tell him about the consistency of your potty - then that's just hard on the poor man, na? :-D

abar? aren't you taking too many risks, seeing as how you're going to have to face me wrath in some while? i've a good mind to bean you with that sack of yours.

Unknown said...

On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me.....

a big face piece of t***

So, that's what all the Irish cream was for!!

P.S> : Bad taste .I know. Us hungry.Need to feedxnh