Monday, December 25, 2006

Because It's Past 4 o' clock on A Christmas Morning And My Feet Are Killing Me

Ho! Ho! Ho!

... and a pimp!

Distasteful joke courtesy: The Office

Merry Christmas everybody! :-]

Ok, my head hurts.


Acroyali said...

merry christmas to you too :)!

Unknown said...


P.S.: I'm a grinch/scrooge.

rainbeau_peep said...

Thank you. :-]
How've you been, other than absconding?

That's cuz ur stewpid. Big Momma gonna save yo life, son. Get off your sorry arse and go eat a chocolate yule log. Spread some good cheer, smile a bit, and don't tell people your name, unless it's at a dentist's office, and repair is close at hand. :-D

Unknown said...

Don't you disrespect me, hometown girl. Five -oh 's gonna get git your sorry ass.

I'm having exams n don't see why anyone else should have fun.
*flings arms petulantly*

P.S.:I would like some presents though.
Or else, I'm gonna go to the local orphanage n give them my copy of oliver twist with the last hundred pages torn out.

Unknown said...

U'll like zis,

P.S.true true

Poorna Banerjee said...

sweetheart... i express my heartfelt christmas greetings and cheers baby.... HIC.

rainbeau_peep said...

1. stop flooding my comment space, u lil pneumonia germ, you.
2. Have exams ever stopped you from fooling around and making a general mess of existence?
3. As far as a girl meaning Satan's lil helper or summat is concerned, allow me to direct you to your own blog where women feature in various avatars as angels of bliss and happiness.
4. Update your goddamned blog.

Bootaaay Shaykaaah! :-]

TC said...

hmmmmmmmm are u gonna be the ho at the party???im still willin to be the pimp!!!

rainbeau_peep said...

i can go as far as hobeau for u. :-| the deal though, included shoots, me n sahana (or was it vuv?) dressing up as hoes in underwear, so we could collectively be called pantyhoes. why am i being singled out just cuz i have a blog and can be publicly exposed?!?!?!

i so desperately hope nobody else will read this comment, now that there are other posts. :-[