Friday, December 29, 2006


Ok, I shall play it safe and not comment on the quality of the review. But, Mr. Tathagata Chowdhury, I solemnly declare that I did NOT squeal "I could have cried..." at my own performance. I mean, hullo? Am I fucking Eliza Dolittle? [Yea yea, I know. She sang "I could have danced..." Shutupnow.]
I resent such insinuations.
And the names are Soumitri. And Rockaby.

Anyway, if the lights went out, how does he know who screamed? Unless of course, he would like people to believe I was speaking my thoughts aloud while still on stage.

Oshobhyota egulo.


Kaichu said...

nice time i decided to get rid of lyaad-type mentality and finally comment, na? isssh, bechara! (and no, that's not an aishwarya-patented tone, thankooverymuch!)

ke boltoh?

Dipanjan Das said...

ok, i believe you. but WHY did he write that? who squealed??


rainbeau_peep said...

o ma! hullo hullo! how lovely of you to decide to comment on the one post that deals with me being accused of engaging in polite chitchat with myself on an empty stage, in front of an audience. :-[
party tey aashchish to? achha while we're at it, leaving bloodly ties and sisterly affections aside, as one woman looking out for others of her ilk - will you please tell your brother that squee and i shall skewer his ass tomorrow with relish?
dyakha holey bolbo, bhoi paash na bishesh, we are quite fond of the child [bolish na oke] :-p

how do i know why he wrote that? jottoshob unmadona. it might have been someone in the audience, of course - anyone would want to cry if they had to sit through a woman caked in zinc oxide yakking on for 24 minutes about a lamp and a window.
and it's very reassuring to see that my troubles continue to amuse you. makes life just that little bit more worthwhile. :-|

Dhruva said...

It's been too long actually, tai ekta redundant comment korlam.

Anonymous said...

"woman caked in zinc oxide yakking on for 24 minutes about a lamp and a window.".......mephistopheles yak yak!!

Anyway you might have a little fun this new year since I definitely have been "notty notty" to make up for Christmas.I have already put a ht on santaclaus ,he should be somewhere in EEraaq now.

P.S.: ahem, I have not received my tributes yet.......

Anonymous said...

It was the prompter then. Seems quite likely too :-].

rainbeau_peep said...

oki! kotodin baade? Haffy Nooh Year :-] Ebar jye giye tor blog ta pori.

you never fail to talk rot.
yes, I did have plenty of fun, thank you. So much fun, I can't remember half the stuff people allege i did. :-|

the concept of prompters has long been done away with. there was no prompter, so your smart-alecky comment falls flat on its face again.
would you rather I told the world what you were up to last week?

Shion Guha said...

Words about TC are best left unsaid... whatever it is, he is sure to take it as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Who me? I was hanging a sack from a sack, nothing more nothing less. And i stick to my theory - it was a clandestine one who yelped after the lights went out.

rainbeau_peep said...

Correct. But he was producing our show on the 2nd. Which is embarassing. But we paid him back by putting up the shittiest show ever. [Not that we did it on purpose of course, much though that would be khoo and vengeful].

Those words didn't come from me. perhaps it was the acquaintance with whom you sat on a tree, doing things which end with 'i', 'n', 'g'?