Saturday, December 02, 2006

You Know

There's no hope in hell for me, when barely 2 days before my end-sems I'm googling, not 'waste land sparknotes', but 'boots for short fat women'.

And you know I'm not entirely out of tune with academics, when the best site I reckon that suits my requirements, is an article by a Victorian Baroness, published 1893.

Now all I need is to find the "long boot, buttoned or laced at the sides". They're still making those, 113 years on, yea?

Help me. I'm nuts.

No, seriously, someone ram a book on my head and tell me to STUDY at gunpoint.


Rimi said...

Very clever. I haff also posted. Then I posted AGAIN last night, but deleted karon loke ki bolbe ;-)

Uff, this is why I should ditch my current pals and makefriendship with some serious-type people. The current lot just go khyak khyak when I say "eibaar ami porashuna korbo".

Shala, Monday Tueday Wednesday porikkha and I posted a request on the blab TODAY to let me know the question format so I can choose stuff to leave out.

We're so hopeless, Peep :-(

Teleute said...

aei mota! porte bosh. nahole smooch kore debo.

Anonymous said...

amaaro EK obostha :(

March Hare said...

Ami chat korchhi with long-lost pals.
This insomniac challenge thing put up on the blab, is most addictive, and distracting, I tell you.
Grendel is just not appealing enough, I tell you.
Or his mother, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I agreed to give you the sack since you asked for it, now dont expect me to give you the boot as well, thats all I have to say X-(

rainbeau_peep said...

i found out what time the exams were at on the day of each exam. so there.
*eta mone hoye bhul inglis holo*

! !
*nosedives into classnotes*

na, aami shotgun korechhi. amar aaro kharap obostha. aami lit theory paper e 1/3rd answer korechhi with zero knowledge of the subject.

eki. try and get PB to appear in your dreams as Grendel's mother. It is supposed to be an especial boon - only chosen ones witness to such horrifications are able to do the old english translations correctly. a JUrban legend, that.
*jeez. boddo stress. kindly adjust.*

stop rucking my life. i don't need the sack anymore. one of these days the boot is gonna walk all over u.