Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Having been held at [finger]gunpoint by a a congirl formerly known as Rimi, it seems I must, at peril of life, feed you titbits of my obscenely uninteresting existence.

I am reading Tom Brown's Schooldays and so far all that has interested me of the book, of which I am now on the 6th chapter, having begun reading from chapter 5, is the fact that all these chummy Brits ever did at school was play football, drink beer, sing and have someone clean their shoes for them. I do not wish to read any further, and understandably so. Nobody offered me any beer at school.

I am rehearsing for a play. One of my co-actors takes the role seriously enough to be in character all the time. We play Dirt.

I have also been repeating the phrase "pantomime of shadow-puppetry" over and over and over in my head for the past 72 hours. Which might explain the 13th hour of my splitting headache.

It is my ambition to continue being effortlessly unfathomable to the populace. Humour me.

Thanking you, yours sincerely.


Anonymous said...

Me first!!

Which humor does it suit you to be dereling?? we shall maketh thee of that disposition.

Btw, am stuck at chapter 8. What rot!!

Rimi said...

Haha, suckers! You're actually reading the book! Haha!

[and you continue to excel at it most wonderously, faankibaaj blogger kothakar. I hereby withdraw my fangirlness]

Rimi said...

And to continue... WHY am I congirl? Huh?

Dhruva said...


Anonymous said...

o rudder where art thou?!?!
incidentally, ei same joghonno pun ta aami bohu bochhor aage crack korechilam, but in my defence, i was, then a green eared fresher, and actually waiting for rudder(and his promised sandmans).

what's your excuse?

rainbeau_peep said...

i am of the humour phlegmaticus. Stop being stuck at chapter 8 this instant, now that the blasted test is over and bleddy done with.

i have read the 100 pages that lie strategically in the middle of the book, and only those 100 pages. It's a frightfully clever thing to do - like eating the centre of jammy sandwich and leaving out the crust. of course this experiment falls flat unless sajni di concedes to marking as per the rules of the game, meaning thereby.
all this is making me hungry. did anyone mention jam just now?
oh, that was me.

rimi in the morning,
dhruva has answered on my behalf.

But of course!

there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. [italicised because that's how MTV says it, and i 'think MTV']
i would like to make it very clear that i am neither in pursuit of our brudder rudder, nor of his sandmans.

Kaichu said...

ummm... ota beer na ginger beer, boss?

beer hole bhalo hoto. entire school copious moddopan-er jonno expelled hoye jeto ebong bloody boi-ta lekhar aar kono jayga thakto na.

sighh. the opportunities we miss in life. WHERE is thomas hughes when you need to make him make tiny but crucial changes at gunpoint?

rainbeau_peep said...

Ah. Gingerbeer.

*the tone of cold mysteriousness in the previous 2 statements is to lead you to a notion of my infinitely superior intellect. it is meant to detract from the idea that having read only those 2 blasted chapters of the blasted book, I really had thought the damn brats drink beer like they said they did, and this was the sole point I had to make in favour of reading the book. Of course, the fact that I've mentioned what I thought was delightful juvenile alcoholism in my answer script, is to be kept perfectly hushhush.
in other words, Damn.*