Thursday, March 22, 2007

500 Reasons I Need To Quit Smoking - #651

Having been interrupted mid-sneeze by a 10-year old girl falling on my head from the diving tower far far above me, I was then coaxed into racing her by her apologetic mother who clearly wanted me to win and feel good about myself. I suspect this was her way of checking for concussions too.
Reader, I got beat.

Is it strange that this was probably the seventh or eighth time in the last 5 years that somebody has enquired of me whether I thought I had a concussion?

Bob, you were right, it's impossible to focus on other things when you're keeping the 1,2,3... breathe count. There's a lot of chlorine water circulating my innards from trying to work out world peace on the eleventh lap. What you don't know, though, is that a purple-lipped smoker will find a way out for everything - there's always the 1,breathe,2,breathe for voice-confs in your head. :-D

It feels special to get gifts from people you'd never imagined would ever be thinking about you at all.

Otherwise, I've had one number godawful test, one number godawful test result, one number presentation to work out, one number children's story to write, n number term papers and upcoming tests to not deal with till the last moment and occasional fits of madness to cope with it all.

Peep-tip of the day - Ever tried sneezing under water? Don't.


Anonymous said...

saala, college na eshe baritey boshe bekaar poet likhchhili?aabar?

anyway, what is truly pathetic is that the "I" of your post could have been me. Almost to the last detail.and i would have written it today, or maybe yesterday, or perhaps the day before.although i am not a smoker, i HAVE, since our last conversation on the benefits of swimming, employed methods similar to yours to avoid the curbs the water imposes upon your mind.
baki shob chhoto-khato details gulo o in place.
very sad.

Rapid I Movement said...

Fish fuck under water and you can't sneeze even? Chaah!

rainbeau_peep said...

erom baaje kotha bolish ki kore? jokhon class e boshe khataye arbit rakkhosh-khokkhosh aaNkchhili, tokhon paashe boshe ke encourage korchhilo hey?
and, it's disconcerting how our lives move in identical ways - maane, kothaye aami nije ke ki na ki bhaabtam - tarpor dekhlam tui mirror image. ki aar volvo, ohonkarer poton. :-p

r i m,
allow me to draw your attention to the fact that i am no fish. my natural habitation is not the water - on land you can watch me execute a volley of perfect sneezes [with or without snot].
in water, i feel like a fish out of water.

Kaichu said...

11th lap? seriously?

and everyday, is it?

don't lose those unbelievable arms!!! they might not be purple, but otherwise they bear wonderful resemblance to certain Quality Walls ice-creams. maane national treasure na holeo Judean treasure toh botei!!

rainbeau_peep said...

not everyday at all. aar Quality ta kintu jaali brand. :-[

nevertheless, amar godgode chorbi ke JUDEan treasure bolli boley kilo kilo bhalobasha.