Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today's Special

This post

  • Is a hurried attempt at distracting readership from the last post, which, unfortunately has caused much hilarity and quiet sniggers among my readers, all of whom I still revere. *bleddy @#$%^&$@!s*
  • Is to bring to your notice that I shall gradually draw myself out and become ay sosheeul enemal egen [like in the Happydent advt with the seductive moocow]. [not that I think she's hot. It's the Australian Jersey Bull who does]. [I get the feeling you knew that awready.]
  • Is a cry for help. I have to have to have to stop smoking. I have to have to have to stop eating chocolate biscuits with maniacal fervour.
  • Is to announce that although I was going through another one of those "phases" that actually you know nothing about, yet I was brought out of "the phase" because of a strange man farting loudly and in public and then looking sheepishly around to see if anyone noticed. Now, I'm usually polite with strangers and I swear I didn't mean to but I snorted. I had to snort to cover up for a resounding guffaw.
  • Now that I come to think of it, that was appalling behaviour. I feel awful for the poor old man. I really didn't mean to laugh, promise.
  • Ok, it still is kinda funny. Shoot, I'm going to hell.
  • These days I laugh at the most brutally humourless things.
  • Daaber jol is fabulous.
  • I alternate between loving and dreading sleeping alone.
  • I shall reply to all your comments once that page stops disappearing. I can't explain, but the page disappears. Uff.
  • There is absolutely nothing I can do about the caps. It comes with the tiny sunshine icons. It's either the caps or the sunshine. And I want the sunshine right now. Lights up my life.


Anonymous said...

welcome back.
i think.

rainbeau_peep said...

be bob a lula!
You fink?!
Music. It's all in the music.
Lol, means a lot to me that I kinda managed to freak you guys out a bit, though. :-p [oh stopit, imma gwine to believe wot imma gwine to believe]

Anonymous said...

with friends like these.....

oddly enough, i did geddit.didn't matter what it was about.if anything at all.