Friday, March 23, 2007

Whose Kubla Is It NOW, huh?

This one's for JUDE. Other readers, bear with me. This might seem like a bit of hijibiji.

At 8 p.m. this evening, a bunch of seven students [and a couple professors] huddled around the Department notice board, and history was made. It's difficult for a non-JUDEan to understand the jubilation that was our results being declared. I've posted before about the harassment and untold emotional distress and humiliation caused upon our English Department, a place whose reputation has been built over the years by students who have excelled in their respective fields, and professors, many of whom are living legends. It took one man to saunter in and try to hack down this solid structure of excellence with his outrageous, unthinkable, impossible allegations. Months of rigorous enquiries, deputations, tackling media circuses, meeting the authorities, meeting representatives of the Government to plead our cause, to vehemently protest this harassment of innocent people, days when we were left despairing at how being in the right was still not enough for justice to take its course - has yielded in victory for us. Victory for the right. Justice for the innocent, the falsely accused.
For those who don't know this yet, following the months of fact-finding done by the Enquiry Committee chaired by our Registrar, all accused students have been exonerated - all charges of sexual harassment filed against them have been dropped due to the failure to provide evidence by the individual who made these charges in the first place. Despite repeated communications sent to him to submit concrete evidence [in the form of the original answer scripts in which he claimed some students had made obscene statements], he failed to, in fact, refused to do so. An Executive Council meeting was also held, the minutes of which the students are not privy to, and the matter of the exam results had been referred to the Examination Control Board as well. All that we know is that the results of all PG students are out, as of 2000 hours today. The marks of the erstwhile "disputed" students have been tabulated on a pro-rata basis, with an average of their 3 remaining papers in the same semester being considered the marks for the 'disputed' optional paper that created the havoc of these past few months. The original answer scripts of these students have been declared 'lost' following a final attempt to procure them [the prof concerned was once again given notice and allowed another 24 hours to submit scripts. He did not]- this is all in keeping with University statute. I know I'd posted about this issue in some detail, but I've been asked to hold my horses because another important step in the legal proceedings will be taken on Monday.
We've spent a good part of the late evening hugging each other and screaming celebratory slogans across the department corridor. Congratulatory phone calls and cha-parties complemented the warm feeling of goodness that comes with a cause well fought. And well won.
On behalf of all JUDEans, I would like to thank our professors for standing up for us; the University authorities for *finally* getting their act together; and very very importantly: our student representatives Babelfish and Thoth *wink wink, I looked it up*, without whom, we'd still be spending our days feeling glum and discontent. And the whole Department deserves a joyous handheld whoopee-jig - which is scheduled for the next time we meet collectively.

For now, All JUDEans come together and say with me


Having said that, you all know that this is still a war half-won. We've got what we wanted - the results and justice for the falsely accused. But the defamation- the maligning of reputations, and the fact that we have to see the cause of it all still walking freely in the Department- we're not going to stand for that, are we? There's a long way to go yet. Our stud reps will bring everyone up to date regarding further actions. In the meantime, all PG students must collect their marksheets on Monday.

We gotta keep this fire burning! Once again, gather around people, and say with me




Rimi said...

Non coitus Judas, and fuck grammar. Do NOT mess with our Kubla!!!

Wheeee wheee wheee! I'm so utterly, completely, overwhelmingly overjoyed.

Arundhati said...

Never Mind the Bollocks; Here Comes The Kubla-OUR Kubla!!

do NOT mess woth my Kubla, dude.Don't even THINK about it!

Dhruva said...


rainbeau_peep said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! tingalingaling! Dhinkachikadhinkachika rumpumpumpo!


It's an unbelievable feeling - how it's not about the marks at all this time, but really about having taken such a long stride forward after all those months of waiting and feeling helpless.

nothing too fancy,
uh. bob? mairi?
wow. bob mairi.
better than bobby g.
no woeMan no cry.
*happy delirium*

victoria! *bake him*
*happy delirium*

Anonymous said...


babelfish said...

happy delirium continues two days after :D
i want college to start so everyone can jump around in the corridors screaming, it is OUR kubla!

Kaichu said...

i cudnt wait for college to open, and i don't have a blog, so i went around screaming it on judean orkut scrapbooks in, as u so helpfully point out, happy delirium.

three days, and it has not worn off yet. anonder chote amar aamshi khaoar rate triple hoye gechhe!!!


KingSlayer said...

I read both your post and Rimi's post on this issue earlier. Didnt comment on it, as all that could be expressed had been expressed. And, being an outsider, I didnt feel qualified to comment any further on it. Expressing sympathy is not something I do very well and doesnt really serve much purpose anyway, but sympathetic I was and still am.

No idea what the Kublaa reference is to, but its great news that things seem to be working out and justice is being served. Hope you ladies did well in the exams too!

rainbeau_peep said...

yabba dabba dooooo!!!!

and on and on and on!

aamshi khawar jonyo baaje excuse dish na! :-p
*tui kintu addict. i have seen your eyes glistening when you look at a tiny shaalpata cupful of aamshi*

thanks a lot. we don't need your sympathy, but it means a lot to us that at least you've tried to understand our point of view.
the kubla thing is an in-joke - too long and complicated to explain, but it's actually hilarious and though i wish i could tell the world about it, certain things should be essentially JUDE. there's still a long way to go before we get full justice, but we've made a start, and things do seem to be progressing, which is great.
the results .. hmm ... i know i'm happy enough, thanks! :-D

Anonymous said...

Kubla r ebaar ki hobe???
aar amake ekebareo dhruva r moto dekhte noi......

Kaichu said...


please rohini, pretty please, the truth hurts, so don't make such accurate observations.... Amshi-Addicts Anonymous akta khuje de na!!

Astraeus said...

oh great news for you guys..