Saturday, April 28, 2007



Dhruva said...

Calvin. Rocks. :)

March Hare said...

Churi korlam. Yo! Maney ei stripta. :D

Though I think such originality would be utterly wasted on the illustrous JUDE faculty. :P

rainbeau_peep said...

Tow.Tuh.Lee. :-D

Something tells me they'd get quite a chuckle out of it, actually.
But wait, we shall unleash unreadable answer scripts on them, and then we'll see who laughs!
[this sort of attitude is decidedly not good less than a day before the endsems].

achha, toder dujoner chokhe ghum nei? orom bhor bela blog pora boshe boshe!

Dhruva said...
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Poorna Banerjee said...

gaandu shaala!!*

*and this when i was thinking about teaching professionally.

Dhruva said...

I'm nocturnal :D

(btw, do you not read the Chaos?)

Kaichu said...

wuv wuv wuv and avvays have since kidhood.

thankee for putting him up here. he was my first crush, methinks.

Rimi said...

And to think I actually had a *serious* conversation for HOURS about this just a few days back.

And I is reading blog at quarter to four in the morning and reading harry potter fanfic on the side. So there.

rainbeau_peep said...

kaiku gali deti?

i'm too busy living it?
*which is all smart-alecky and everything, but doesn't take away from the fact that I don't know what the hell ur talking about*

awl we need is wuv! *pNyappapNyarapNya*
wuv! wuv! wuv!
*dancing pips*
*exploding starburst*
personally- though I can't quite explain it- i've always preferred Hobbes. there's something about his practical, rational simplicity that's quite endearing. i mean i know calvin was a GENIUS, but if u ask me, i'd date hobbes over calvin any day.
[phishphish: you know you've hit a new low when you're considering the dateability of a cartoon 6-yr old over that of a cartoon soft toy. qwik, gift me a life.]

er, yes. that. we need to talk about that. uhm, i don't know how to put this to you, but that fanfic thingy is an assault to the senses. it's perverse! i'm going to need to stage an intervention if you don't get out of this soon, you know.

Anonymous said...

i prefer Hobbes as well.kemon ekta detached practicality acche.calvin is a DUDE, tho.

Rimi said...

EveryFlavourBeans, wait till you've read the Snape-Hermione romances. Or the Neville-Pansy BDSM tales. THEN we shall talk.

Oh, and Dhruva is talking aboot his blog, is wot he is doing.

And I'd take Hobbes anyday myself. Come think of it, if we're debating dating choices between a child genius and his stuffed tigger... *long silence*

*shoots self*

rainbeau_peep said...

vuv(which in a cutesie way could read wuv),
let us hug and exchange pink ribbons, mindtwin.

ok that's enough. look, if u want to read bad porn, just ask panu to send you some. *i'm going to get into trouble for this, i just know it*
his blog? why would he be talking about his blog?! he knows i read his blog! i even comment on his blog!
durr baba. lemme go narrowly chastise him.

and we can take this a step further as I scream "MINE! MINE! THAT STUFFED TIGER IS ALL MINE!" while i brandish a water pistol or throw snowballs at you. or summat.
but they say we're mature, self-respecting ladies.
such lies, i tell you.
[remove the comma and a whole new meaning. man, punctuation. such beautiness is in it. *exam insanity*]

Rimi said...

ROTFL! Mature self e bote :D

And I will defend HP fanfic to the end. Beshi jhamela korle link pathabo, so you'd better votch it, me love.

Not that this shall stop me from reporting you to Panu. Now I'm off to cousin's biye. Exams, muhahahaha!