Monday, May 14, 2007

Being Unemployed

is good stuff, as it turns out. I've eaten all meals outside the house since the exams got over on Thursday, had a rather enjoyable sleep-in with beeyootiful company that made me go all sappy-canape [or sappy ka nappy] and write long mails that would do Adrienne Rich and her lesbian continuum proud. I have also been caught prancing around with lit cigarette by friends of parents whom I meet regularly in an atmosphere where they think I am a role model for youth with my *dumdedumdedah* [read: prudishness]. I have also boozed moderately and been told that I say the most preposterous things when I'm drunk. Which means absolutely nothing because I say the most preposterous things when I'm not drunk. And I forget each and every preposterous thing I've ever said, honest. In my head, I'm a picture of sobriety and propah. Meh.
I am also intensely disliking writing this post because I'd much rather lie down and hold my aching tummy and will my head to keep off exploding and my nose to keep off dripping for ONCE. I grow old, I grow old.
Ok, so anyway, we're at Princeton, and I'm on all fours trying to reach for my drink - because it's precariously positioned, and not because I generally like embarassing myself, as you'd imagine- and we're on that familiar and much-loved topic of the greenhorn - My School Kicks Your School's Ass. [Mine does, honest]. This time we're debating the superiority of my tNyash "convent school background" over .. uhm ... this other school that could just have been a city by itself. A mini-Gotham City brimming over with hooligans and mad monkeys. [hyuk hyuk. i think i will disable comments for this one]*. So.

Me (unfairly outnumbered, with a feeble attempt at tossing of hair and sneer of condescension) :We have class!
Dhruva (taking a relaxed sip of beer and oozing nonchalant coolth) : We have classes.

Seriously, you can't top that! I been snubbed, Pointedly. *snicker* [note to self: stop snickering. you're no good with subtlety]. Always good to know people who can swipe the carpet from under you. And if you're here to point out to me that that last line is awl wrong, then you may quickly proceed to drown yourself in mucous. My mucous.

I have billions of good books to read. Yay!
I have a tag to do. Yay.

* So ok, fine. They've produced a handful of brains in a couple of lightyears and they do alright by way of HS results, and some important people in my life studied there. Pah.


Rapid I Movement said...

[Mine does, honest].

Yeah, keep dreaming.

Dreamcatcher said...

Handful of brains??
Don't say such blasphemous things.

Poorna Banerjee said...

which only brings to the point that you forgot all the other brilliant things we said through the night.

Rimi said...
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Rimi said...

Oh yeah, tell ME about being surrounding by alumni of The School That A City Is. Stamps me down awl the time *and* calls me tyaNsh to boot.

And RIP, admit. All your middle-through-highschool days you wanted to kick the collective arse of half of that school and do obscene things to the other. Wink wink.

I heard stories about that night, btw. I want Panu to read my palm and say insanely happy things to me, except I think she will just be honest instead.

Subhayu said...

hmm i wouldn't advise you to citicise gotham on open blogosphere...........rather risky u see........

but otherwise rather'd ya like the band at princeton??

rainbeau_peep said...

likewise. :-|


no mairi. was just in a bit of a hurry and in no mood to write a blogpost.
i do remember at one point in the late late night having a conversation with dhruva about how i see white things and he feels people. which is when you said some man on the internet knows the colour of your underwear. dude. yea, that was blogworthy, i admit.
very strange. in any case, i am NOT reproducing your graphic and informative lecture on BDSM on my blog. nopey. nada. nein.

panu does NOT say insanely happy things. for instance, she very haltingly told me that i would "have sex ... once."
like, once in my entire life? whoa? goodbye knight in shining armani, hullo seventeen cats and an OCD or three.

guitar george,
which band do you mean? i liked Lush, who were playing the day i've written about. Liked them a whole bunch.
and hehe, I like South Point - at least the bit of it I interact with is all good.