Sunday, August 12, 2007

Feel it on my fingertips

Some questions just don't have straight answers.

"Why do you like the rains?"

I look away, out of the taxi window. Lets see now. That time it cleansed. All those times. Then there were the drives across the bridge, leaving the city behind, that boy, those friends. That time it was ... youth? Love? Settle for a bit of both. You'd think they'd all be hazy by now.
The simplest questions can surprise you with how clear certain associations still are in your mind.

Often these days, I find myself quietly observant, unable to participate.
It is a quiet one, my nature.

"So? Why do you like the rains?"

"Just," I said.


Kaichu said...

Bari phire-i brishti. Urojahaj ta elo jol-bhorti megher moddhe diye. Shara din-ta shuye boshe katalam, ki aram bole bojhano mushkil. Brishti bolle ato gulo associations je bachhai kora oshombhob hoye jai re...

Mon khush hoye achhe. Phurphure. Robi-bar, ta sotteo.

Kaichu said...

ami quarkexpress bhule gechhi.

ki hobe?

Dhruva said...

:),anyway. really.

Anonymous said...

so who asked you this dumb question, anyway?hoom?

Bone said...


March Hare said...

Yes. Just. :)

Anonymous said...

Who me ? I sell umbrellas, hence ...

Tyger Burning said...

more posts
i demand

rainbeau_peep said...

amar tor syndrome chepechhe mathaye. i dislike sundays now.
of course, that's cuz i gotta go to work.
quarkexpress bhulle khoti nei. wherever u work, tor organisation er nijoshyo quark template thakbe, sheta alada korey shikhtei hobe, kajei relax kor!


tor shoshur. :-|
you have this way of hitting the fecking nail on the bleddy head that is, quite frankly, annoying. :-|

:-] colliz fun, yea?

march hare,

i'd call you rihanna, but you're too old to know what i'm talking about. basically, all u need to know is that i'm snubbing you, ol' man.

tui lekh amar hoye.