Saturday, September 22, 2007

Om Shanti Om

Is "dard-e-disco" that inscrutable condition wherein one's limbs remain paralysed and one sees in one's head missiles being shot from a thousand splendid guns the morning after a night of heavy drinking and dancing? That Shah Rukh had better watch out.

I'm beginning to miss being able to be funny without five shots of vodka down my throat. I've become a weekend alcoholic, or have I said this like, seven hundred and nine times before? My sense of humour is ablaze with a glass in hand. And only then. Dear Lord, give me fodder for funny in my life. [Lily, c'mere. :-p]

In Behrampore, young Inayat settled for five rupees to show us around the tomb of his forefathers, the nawabs of Murshidabad. Like this one. His ancestors left such testaments to opulence and technological foresight as the Hazar Duari Palace, whose marvellously progressive architecture has to be seen to be appreciated. Inayat's brother ferries tourists across town in his rickshaw, while Inayat sells his unlived glorious past with rehearsed precision as a guide at the burial ground of his famous forefathers.

In a macabre way, there's always a lot to laugh about. In a macabre way.


March Hare said...

And in a macabre way, this touched a chord.

Dhruva said...

I refuse to be laughed at.

Poorna Banerjee said...


Edike ami sangshar totte byarthota prokash kore bhebechhi maal khaoa chherei debo, tappor madam peep amake alcoholism dekhachhe. Ar sshaala last few weeks e ami je na taante pere addhek (I REPEAT and shtand by mai comment) hoye gelaam se ki tumi kheyal korchho??


mojo said...

finally!!!someone i know has seen dard-e-disco!!!
went to murshidabad once.its beautiful...funny thing is almost every guide claims to be descendant of either mir jafar or shiraj.possible considering the nmber of wives and mistresses these nawabs had!!

Arundhati said...

There you go. And Haha!(to above comment)

rainbeau_peep said...

march hare,
hullo, my pretty. :-]

who? what? where? did i laugh at you? i did not laugh at you. who's lily? i don't know lily.
unless of course you prefer the response, "ooo. i'm scaaared."

"mai comment"?
orom dupiece holey to comment porbei mairi. :-p
anyway, u got your friday, and your booj. boojoom buddies jaake boley aar ki.
seriously, humour ta bonnyaye bheshe gyalo sala.

yes, it really was beautiful.
you're right about the descendants, but .. i dunno. it's a pity to see such a ... waste, you know? of course, they're paying a price for the debauchery and everything. but, still. a pity.

past patishapta,
there i go? where do i go? my lovely? where do i goooo? i wanna know. my lovely. i wanna knowwww.
followed by intense dancing.
which, i believe, is happening tomorrow. yay.
i will, however, NOT wax my underarms. go screw.