Saturday, January 26, 2008

Absolutely nothing at all

Much in the nature of my newly-purchased coffee plunger, I have been leaving out the scummy sediment in slow, gentle pushes. Sometimes though, it gets a little overbearing. I wish people would come to terms.
Do you know what I hate about this blog? I will tell you. It's that you read it and I know exactly what you look like. Oh come now, don't go away. It's not like I'm going to be telling you anything meaningful in the slightest. Oh no, I don't feel angry and exasperated at AWL. Picture of calm, that's me.

I am so angry and exasperated. Doods.

The good thing is, I have crazy expensive sneakers. They're Nike, with shiny laces, but black and frightfully classy. I feel like I'm walking on bubbles. They give me a camel gait. It's something between crouching and walking on tippy-toes, and running. I'm not sure that's a good thing, but it sure as hell feels comfortable neck down. The neck hurts, though. How them camels manage it I'll never know. If any of you drop in at the South City Nike store, don't mention my name. They'll think you're crazy too.
But I have two kinds of laces. Yay!
I also have lovely coffee brung from foren. And chocolate. Tere paas kya hai?
Is it a little too obvious that I have nothing to say? South City mall scares me. It is mammoth. I keep thinking it'll come alive and be mean while I'm hunched over a window display.
But the Starmark! I heart the Starmark. I want to buy it and bathe in its literary abundance. I just wish there weren't so many unnecessary people.
I feel stupid sometimes.


Poorna Banerjee said...

Would you stop doing the Okbye thingy? You've learnt it from Chu I daresay.

Much happy because you heart starmark. I go there tomorrow. To do street play. Yayness.

Btw that place is EffingHUGE. And Chu loved cake. thought it was justright with all the chocolate innit.

Mere paas cake hai my dear. Foren chocolate chuloy jaak. Ki foren chocolate na bolle kintu toke duwo debo.

Btw, pliss to not increase paranoia by reminding people of unassigned tasks.

Poorna Banerjee said...

"Picture of calm, that's me."

"Thyang kholo thyang kholo...."

Picture of calm.

On other noos... tor nike diye hobeta kirya?? Tor to jean pant nei bhalo dekhe.. skirt er sathe nike?? ar jodi bolish you are trying to work out, I shall just go and kill myself laughing.

Sam said...

now wer is this south city mall?? been out of calcutta for long.. so not much updated!!