Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unsent - ii

Dear Newspaper that pays me pittance,
Please let me have a life? Please help me afford the life I want? It only involves a couple martinis and a liposuction.
Did I ask too much?
More than a lot?
You gave me nothing
Now it's, all I got.

Dear Chief Sub-Editor who should totally not be reading this (but invariably will),
Look, it's a love song. Don't dooce me.

Dear Man who directed CS to this blog, all the better to cause its doom and mine,
Are ya happy now?

Dear All,
I have pms.

Dear People who have left me comments on the fat girl post,
I will respond. You know I want to. But I feel bloated now, and not at all phenomenal. I will respond when I have more conviction. :-D

Dear Empowered aunties who show untoward concern for my matrimonial career (and the fact that it never took off),
If you tell me about my designated role as a caregiver one.more.time, I shall ... fart.

Dear Boys,
Is it really true that men can't be friends with women they're not attracted to? Has every woman who has ever watched When Harry Met Sally asked you this question?
It really is quite intriguing.

Dear Bank Balance,
Where are you?

Dear Friends who have deserted me for other women and weddings,
Whoa? Let's get drunk soon. And dance to "hindi numbers".

Dear Blog,
I will be your caregiver.

Dear Rainbeau,
That sounded pathetic. Please stop.


Dipanjan Das said...

parish o mairi. dooce. ki volvo ar.

Acroyali said...

and ami chakri charchi in a few days. no more earning :(.. no more poisha! :( :(

Tyger Burning said...

i am volunteer to not fall in love with you, not set you up to be married, and still accompany you for a drink. Heck I will even buy you a round of beet. But beer only. its too hot for other stuff. Also come around and help with the admissions.

Unknown said...

*pat pat*


'Iss all good' they say ;)

Rimi said...

Dear Tyger, try gin with cold nimbupani with extra sugar on crushed ice.

Dear Acroyali, whyfor?

Dear Peepsie C: re. men and friendship... what? What??? Do you have ENNY idea the kind of anguish you've kick started in my head?

Dear Peepsie C, blast you.

Abhijit Gupta said...

Ki mushkil, ei jonyoi bole upokarike baghe khay.

Anonymous said...

Tyger for once has a bright idea. Come for the admissions. There's nothing like encountering the whackos of the world to cheer one up.

Poorna Banerjee said...

eki mairi. ami tor jonne chocolate enechhi. ektuo bhalobashish na amake je erokom kotha bolli?? ar chal mod khete jai. friday??

What's In A Name ? said...

This 'Harry met Sally' syndrome seem to be universal. Why did Meg Ryan ever had to dot his to an entire generation and more.

Anonymous said...

y unrelated. but it has also been posted here.

Anonymous said...

I meant totally unrelated. somehow the 'totall' disappeared.

Kaichu said...

dear rainbeau,

please post.


your biggest fan, in more ways than one.

Spin said...