Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ascension by Anish Kapoor

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I swear I'll reply to comments. Sorry I haven't been. I haven't looked at this blog in over a month. Over Two months. Its oppressive radiance is .... uhm .... oppressive.

Help me God.
Listen, there's no point telling me to GET ON WITH IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I'm not going to post until I have a happy post, okay? I shan't. And there is nothing happy about my life right now. Well, except this one thing, but I won't tell you about him. He's on the gorgeous side, and if I block everything else out and concentrate on him then life is all peachy and full of fat-free sugary goodness.

Butbutbut. It isn't, really. And when was sunny side up a fun read anyway? Right. So I've just been googling "how to build self-confidence", and girls (and Tygr), I need to stop. Or, and I'll grant you this, get on with it. When I am out of this relentless cycle of self-pity and deathly lack of creative impulse, I shall fill your lives with joy again. In the meantime, I need a song. Someone give me a song. A Beatles' song. Now don't be predictably snarky and say "Help!".

Anyway I only blogged because one self-help site says to. And all this whining is "chipping away" at my flaws or something.

Step 3 is finding my "inner sunshine". Jeez.