Sunday, June 22, 2008

Listen, there's no point telling me to GET ON WITH IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I'm not going to post until I have a happy post, okay? I shan't. And there is nothing happy about my life right now. Well, except this one thing, but I won't tell you about him. He's on the gorgeous side, and if I block everything else out and concentrate on him then life is all peachy and full of fat-free sugary goodness.

Butbutbut. It isn't, really. And when was sunny side up a fun read anyway? Right. So I've just been googling "how to build self-confidence", and girls (and Tygr), I need to stop. Or, and I'll grant you this, get on with it. When I am out of this relentless cycle of self-pity and deathly lack of creative impulse, I shall fill your lives with joy again. In the meantime, I need a song. Someone give me a song. A Beatles' song. Now don't be predictably snarky and say "Help!".

Anyway I only blogged because one self-help site says to. And all this whining is "chipping away" at my flaws or something.

Step 3 is finding my "inner sunshine". Jeez.



Arundhati said...

what acoincidence,as usual.i am in need of a song too. and i have found one too.forget the beatles,this is my new song--on my way back from cp, in an auto, as i watched the sun sink behind Humayun's Tomb and sigh,my happiness,then,as if by divine intervention or humayun's blessings,out of the depths of the cng auto,floated this song:

Jneet jnaaaayenge humm,
jneet jnaaaaaaaaayenge hum,
tu agar sangg hooooo.

Zindagi(dhangg!)har kadam(dhangg!)ek nayi(dhangg!)jangg hai(dhangg!)


yes, i know.You're welcome.

Arundhati said...

when repeating the chorus,replace the "dhang"s with some poignant "aaaaaaaa" s.
very effective.

rainbeau_peep said...

Bobby McGee,
Would you believe me if I said I wrote this hoping you'd reply?

A coincidence, as usual, is right.

Tohra dil ka theatre ma, dil deewana booking advance maarey rey!

I found my happy in a picture of 2 cats. Am mailing that one to you right now.

Poorna Banerjee said...


I fucking gave you a fucking song.

I shall quote terms like modkhor and big bum from it and watch as your self-confidence plummets.

March Hare said...

gorgeous side?!
teehee! :D

anyways, self confidence banate beatles kano hey mohila?

bangla shono. paati bangla.

amar boyosh holo sholo,
amar chokh tana tana,
ashe pashe joto chhele,
kore anagona.

taxiwala dyakho,
rickshaw-wala dyakho,
police-wala dyakho,
dyakho na!

(and repeat. with appropriate komor duluni.)

this song has therapeutic powers. mairi bolchi. NEVER ever fails to cheer me up. :D

if you want, i can even mail it to you. :D

Kaichu said...
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Kaichu said...

ki weird.

ami tor 24th ar 22nd-er post duto porlam ekkhuni, kintu ami toke 28th e 'aditi' r lyrics pathiyechhilam.

aar akhon post ta pore mone hochhe ota odbhut bhabe apt :o

kal duu tarikh

toh hNash de tu zara etc. gnash-o korte parish dNaat.

ajke dekha korte ay, ma? love-nest misses you. amay bolchhillo shedin.

rainbeau_peep said...

Aare, and that song is a multiple orgasm. It's just not something I can sing all the time. I mean, it's about Me! I need objective distantiation. Or sum'n.

Gorgeous noi bolte chaash? Albaat gorgeous. 16-aana, khNaati, bishudhho gorgeosity. Kyamon jwoljwol korche dyakh. :-D
Aar o gaan to du:kher gaan. Amar boyosh aar sholoye aatke koi? :-[
Tao, gaanta pathha?

And so it was!
Love nest jaabo to. :-[ Aami to love nest nights miss korchi bhishon!
Kobe korbo amra games night?

Poorna Banerjee said...

shonnna! tor jonno ekta gaan peyechhi. tor jonne beatles er gaan. Lucy noy... Sgt Pepper noy. Hey Jude to noy-i.

Tor jonno holo Michelle. My belle. These are word that go together well, my Michelle.