Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ascension by Anish Kapoor


Poorna Banerjee said...

have you been three-dee today??

On another news, you are displaying newd pics to popularize your blog.

Arundhati said...

chhi chhi.ashleelota!also,ganduvati,just nyaka nyaka biral er chhobi pathalei hobbe?? ekta proper mail patha!idiot.

rainbeau_peep said...

Notice the import of your name.

I am too busy being two-dee these days to add an extra dee to my existence.

No, that is not my vagina. For one, I'm sure mine ends somewhere.

Proper mail pathaboi. Promise bolchhi. Toke miss korar kono maanei hoye na, kintu korchhi. Ma Kali'r dibyi.

March Hare said...

@rainbeau - hahaha. ishhh, ki osojhyo baaje pun. :P

Anonymous said...

aamionek random lokeder randomly miss korchhi:p