Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Cold and wet, like the days.

Smile. Better than speech and discovery.

Which is a better word - fulsome or blossom? Blossom. So how come I get to use the other one more, hain?

Walk towards the light, walk into darkness. Either way, you're blinded.

Much has been left behind.

Stop asking me how I feel. It is enough that I feel.

Pursuit. Persuasion. Perjury.

"What does freedom taste like?" she asked. Rain? I don't know. Your thoughts?

Nothingness and a constant buzzing.

Unwell. Like a fever. Like a viral fever? Like contagion. Well, unwell. khyak

Yes, I feel better. Because you only want results. Because there is no truth in what you do not know. How I laugh sometimes.

Voices spilling. and William Butler Yeats.

For you I bleed myself dry. Coldplay. Yellow.

William Rubin, Esq. Him of the pickled liver and artful despondency.


Was cat, now hanky.