Monday, August 03, 2009

The last 48

One of the reasons why I started blogging was the need to get away from everything that was happening in my life - the break-up, the resultant loss of a best friend, the loneliness - and I did that by writing humorously about inconsequential things in my doped-up, hazy life.

One of the reasons I have stopped blogging is because now I can tackle whatever is happening in my life by talking about it with DD, instead of pretending it isn't happening and lighting a cigarette. [Gosh, cigarettes. I'm going to miss you. Downside of living with a sensible man. Pah.]

In about 45 hours I'll be at the airport, contending with a knot in my throat, and an obsessive-compulsive propensity to blink.

It's hardest dealing with the faces. So I'm trying to think of mishaps. Like my suitcase crashing itself open and pet bottles of home-made gorom moshla raining on customs officers. Or being held back at Singapore for carrying a suspiciously large quantity of underwear. Or being punished by God for placing my Toulouse-Lautrec print over a packet of shoes.

Which reminds me: thanks be to my friends for giving me thoughtful and fabulous gifts, all of which I am taking with me!

When I'm in pain [waxing, stitches, rage], I keep muttering to myself, "Think about childbirth. This is easier. This is a breeze. Think about waiting to dilate to 10cm." Possible factual inaccuracies regarding childbirth aside, it works. I can steel myself. Not working now, though.

Is anybody praying?


Unknown said...

I know.

But please try and keep writing. Did you know I always had your number saved as Rainbeau Peep?

Dipanjan Das said...

Yes, I am. I am praying so that you get to Singapore exactly 48 hours from now, safely.

Poorna Banerjee said...

I love you. :) lojja.

Kaichu said...

bhalo thakish.

torch-eyed_soul said...
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torch-eyed_soul said...

ALL the very best! .. It was a tad difficult to drive there because of the hilly stuff , I just hope it gets planer now! :)

Acroyali said...
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Acroyali said...

Since you've found more truth in the man than the cigarettes, I'm sure everything is in great hands! Have fun and all the best! :)

rainbeau_peep said...

Lol. Did you know I had yours saved as "Nevermind Saptarshi"? :-D

Why don't you write your blog? We should resume, it's good stress release.
You're snoring the house down as I write this. :-]

hai iye doori, iye kaisi majboori?

Thank you. Tui o. :-]

Hilly stuff? Would those be the hills? :-D We're getting a car next week, so I'll find out soon enough how hard it is. I'm only worried about driving on the highway - all that speed is dizzying at my age. :-| Tor bondhu ekhaane thaake, na?

All the best to you too. Tui ki Oz pouchhe gechhish? I'm sure you'll have a grand time. Melbourne besh sundor, though Sydney is my favourite (you know this). Melbourne e Gotham City bole ekta village aachhe!

You put it very prettily. :-]
I'd agree with you, except that it doesn't take away from my occasional nicotine craving. The good thing [or frightfully unfortunate thing] is that this is probably going to make me quit drinking too. It's painful to drink without a smoke.

Poorna Banerjee said...

^^^ I agree.

Word Verification says ranty

torch-eyed_soul said...

Oh yes .. hills or whatever. That place totally reminded me of Gangtok!
Yep, 'safely' perched over here. Pretty chilly winds out now .Even I would probably like Sydney better, Melbourne looks a little old. :P. It feels good to be back inside the classroom and more so in those where you can chat/surf in the 5-10 mins between the lectures. (Like..right now? :P)

All said and done, drive safe on those turnpikes where they write a 55 for the speed limit. :|

Yeah, been there couple of times . Friends were there,but they all moved now,apart from one,I think.Oh yes, and one just reached.:)

Have a great time!
Together!Both of ya!

rainbeau_peep said...


Sure it was a 't' and not a 'd'?

Funny you should mention this. One of the first things I said to DD while sitting at our balcony was that the place reminded me of Kalimpong!

Good to know you're feeling safe and enjoying yourself. The sorry thing with Oz is that places close really really early - except for a stray pub here or there. So it tends to get a teeny bit depressing after dark. But don't let that get to you [if you see it as a problem at all], once you've pitched for the Mr. MBS prize, you'll have plenty of friends to make a crowd! ;-p
And do Not tell me about chilly winds - I'm bracing myself for -26degC in a few months from now. Brrr.

Sreemanti said...

like the confusion and the amateurish hope :)